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Santander launches three new credit cards

18 month 0% purchase card leads the pack, which also includes a 29 month 0% balance transfer card

Three new Santander credit cards are now available, including an 18 month 0% purchase card

Three new Santander credit cards are now available, including an 18 month 0% purchase card

Santander have launched three new credit cards, including an 18 month 0% purchase card.

The new credit cards cover a range of options, which consumers may be looking to explore at the start of 2014, with two balance transfer cards and a purchase credit card now available.

Santander’s 18 month 0% purchase card is likely to lead the purchase credit card market with Tesco only a couple of months behind in terms of the offer period.

29 month balance transfer card

Among the other cards is a long term balance transfer credit card with emphasis on the length of the 0% offer period.

At 29 months and a 3% transfer fee, this card is now only one month short of the market leading balance transfer credit cards on the market.

For customers seeking to transfer their balance but would rather a shorter introductory offer period, Santander have also released a low balance transfer card with 0% for 17 months for a 0.9% fee.

The new Santander credit cards are likely to give consumers more credit options, with the 123 credit card already offering the opportunity to receive cashback on purchases in supermarkets, public transport ticket offices and major department stores.

Meeting customer needs

Alan Mathewson, managing director of Santander Cards, believes they are providing consumers with great value and credit cards that are easy to manage and use.

“We wanted to better meet the needs of our customers who, in the current economic climate, are having to manage their finances more carefully,” he said.

“Our customers have cited good financial management and value for money as priorities, so we wanted to offer a range of competitive products to meet these needs.”

Meanwhile, Michael Ossei, uSwitch money expert, believes the launch signals Santander’s intent at becoming market leaders in a range of personal finance products.

“Santander have launched a range of products that seem to meet the needs of consumers. From the rate seekers to those wanting to save on their transfer fees,” he said.

“By giving realistic rates, rather than eye-catching figures, Santander have been able to deliver quality products, which may entice customers for the long haul.”