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uSwitch launches ‘It’s My Report’ campaign today

Sign the petition to fight for a standardised credit score and free credit reports for all


The information held on your credit report can dictate where you can live, whether you get the best rates for loans, credit cards and mortgages, and even if you’ll be offered a job.

However, access to this personal information costs money and our research shows and estimated 15 million people across the UK have never checked their credit report.

To raise awareness of the importance of credit reports we have launched the ‘It’s my report’ campaign today. The campaign aims to empower consumers to be able to make better choices about their borrowing and managing their credit.

What is the campaign calling for?

The campaign has three main aims.

  • Free access to full credit reports once a year. This allows people to check everything is correct and fix any errors.
  • Make it mandatory for a person to be given the specific reasons why credit was refused. This will make it easier for people to repair their credit and get their finances back on track.
  • A standardisation of the credit score scale used in the UK. This makes the implications of credit scores clearer and empowers consumers to understand whether or not they are eligible for credit.

Why are we campaigning for this?

Our research shows that credit reports are poorly understood and we think something needs to change. David Mann, Head of Money at, explains:

“The mystery surrounding credit reports is causing millions to miss out on the best financial deals and in some cases their dream home or job.

“Consumers are flying blind, unaware how lenders are arriving at critical decisions about them and lacking the ability to do anything about it. We believe this is grossly unfair.

“The UK economy may be improving, but total personal debt has reached record levels. Consumers are walking a tightrope, trying to balance rising living costs with stagnant wages and many are relying on debt to make ends meet. They need all the help they can get, and information is power.

“All consumers should have free access to their own personal credit report – not only to view it, but to check it thoroughly and correct any errors.

“That’s why we are launching ‘It’s My Report’ so consumers can regain control of their own information and take action where needed to ensure they always get the best possible deal.”

How to get involved

To learn more and join the campaign visit the It’s My Report campaign page.

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  • millgate

    I will not consider ANY nPower offer unless they COMMIT to meeting conventional UK TAX RULES- an NIL TAX DODGING forthwith.

  • my supplier First Utility has sent me an illustration of what my costs for elec and gas will be for next 12 months but at same time has announced prices up by 18% – they will not reply to my reasonable question of whether the illustration they sent me recently is before or after the rise

  • MoS

    Fixed prices but at what rates?
    Surely a comparison website should show at what rates prices are fixed?

  • john

    My ex mother in law signed up to one of these Npower deals back in December 2012 and was told she would have a fixed price till Jan 2014 I believe. So guess what she just received a letter from them yesterday that they were putting up her pricesy next month. So why should we believe they will honour this agreement anymore than their last one?

  • Mr Unhappy

    Yes but like their 2014 ‘Fixed Price Plan’ will they get the customers then jack up prices another 10% 6 months into the deal. I think they will as they have just done to me. It’s about time the so called Regulator OFGEM did something for customers instead of going through the motions. Competition, what competition. It’s a Cartel just like the railways.

  • Guest

    Npower are one of the most dishonest, devious and misleading companies I have ever had the misfortune to have had dealings with. They epitomise everything that is wrong with the iniquitous privatisations of the 80s and beyond. Not only do they make a habit and a virtue of stitching up consumers, they compound it by dodging tax into the bargain. I wouldn’t trust them not to renege on any deal or promise from very bitter experience. Use them at your peril.