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It’s My Report hits 10,000 signatures

Campaign calling for free and fairer credit reporting takes off with your support


The It’s My Report campaign calling for free access to credit reports launched this week. In just three days it has received over 10,000 signatures showing support.

This show of support from you has given us the backing we need to take the campaign forward, but we still have a long way to go.

The more support we have the more strength we’ll have to force through change in the credit reporting industry.

What’s happening next?

With your support backing us we will now try and make the campaign aims a reality. We are now:

  • Speaking to the credit reference agencies (Experian, Equifax and CallCredit) to try to get them onboard.
  • Speaking to the banks and major lenders to get them to tell you why you’ve been rejected for credit if it’s based on your report.
  • Speaking to members of parliament. We’re lobbying  a number of MPs who we think could help us push through change.
  • Organising a roundtable in early 2015. We are trying to get all the major stakeholders, from the agencies and banks to MPs and regulators, together for a roundtable event to discuss the best way to push through reform.
  • Starting educational outreach programs. We’ve started organising community events to spread awareness about credit reports and their impact.

What are you saying?

We’ve been flooded with your comments expressing support and interesting stories of problems you’ve had with credit their credit scores. You can read some of them here.

One of the most common themes is the feeling that it’s your personal information, that you have a right to access for free.

We’ve created a word cloud showing the most used words in your comments, ‘free’, ‘information’ and ‘access’ top the chart.


What have the media said?

Responding to demand for free and fairer credit reports several papers have picked up the story.

  • The Daily Mail said: ‘Access to credit reports in Britain lags behind many other developed nations. Those living in Canada and New Zealand for instance enjoy free access to theirs whenever they want, while Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, South Africa and the US all offer one free report per year.’
  • The Mirror said: ‘Everyone from landlords to phone companies check them and a bad score could see you denied a home, a job, a loan, broadband or a new phone.’
  • The FT said: ‘Younger generations are particularly vulnerable to a lack of awareness about their credit score. They are more likely to live in rented accommodation, where landlords routinely use credit checks to influence their choice of tenant, but the study found that the over-55s were the least informed age group.’

Join the campaign

If you want to show your support sign the petition here, or check out the It’s My Report campaign page to learn more.

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