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Top 10 bizarre home insurance claims revealed

Bearded dragon and magpies amongst the culprits for claims

bearded dragon

Home insurance provider RIAS has revealed the most bizarre home insurance claims it received in 2014. Many of the top ten are mishaps involving animals, including vicious bearded dragons and squabbling magpies.

Top 10 bizarre insurance claims

1. A dog in Slough mistook the image on its owner’s TV for the ocean and decided to dive in, causing over £250 worth of damage.

2. In Rochester, a man was startled by a wasp as he brushed his teeth. He knocked over a glass as he tried to scare the insect away, cracking the basin and causing over £1,000 worth of damage.

3. A cat owner in Milton Keynes submitted a claim for £470 after the cat knocked a cup of coffee over a laptop.

4. In Motherwell, a sibling scrap got out of hand when a brother threw a shoe at his sister, causing £667 worth of damage to a TV.

5. A pigeon knocked a vase into a toilet in Northampton, resulting in a £193 claim for a cracked toilet bowl.

6. A dog in Carlisle, startled by the doorbell, leapt on his owner’s laptop and caused £470 worth of damage.

7. Two fighting cats in Norwich caused £380 worth of damage by knocking over a TV.

8. An Enfield man melted his £1,300 barbeque when he attempted to chargrill an entire goose.

9. In Belfast, a man was bitten by his bearded dragon as he cleaned its tank. He jumped backwards into his TV, resulting in a claim of nearly £400.

10. Two squabbling magpies in Kilmarnock smashed through a conservatory and caused over £400 worth of damage.

Anything can happen

Peter Corfield, managing director at RIAS, said: “Not every claim we receive is straightforward and it is interesting to see what unusual scenarios cropped up in the last year, with animals often proving to be the chief culprits. It seems that pretty much anything can happen to cause catastrophe in the home and the best way to deal with it is to make sure you have the right level of protection.”

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