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Barclays release Apple Watch banking app

Could banking finally be embracing new technology? Barclays announce first personal banking app available for Apple's new smart watch

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With the Apple Watch available for pre-order today, before general release on April 24th, Barclays have announced one of the first apps available through the smart watch.

What the Barclays Apple Watch App does

The Barclays app will let you check top-level information about your current account such as the balance, and is linked to the Apple Watch through the Barclays Mobile Banking app, which already provides full access to mobile banking.

Matt Hammerstein, Head of Customer and Client Experience at Barclays said:

“The extension of our popular mobile app on Apple Watch will allow customers to keep track of their money wherever they are, and is the latest example of how we’re continuing to develop innovative ways to make their life easier.”

The future of banking?

The move is not wholly unexpected given that Barclays was the first bank to launch mobile-banking in the UK back in 2012.

The vast majority of other banks followed shortly after with mobile banking now becoming ubiquitous, so, depending on it’s success, there could soon be other banking apps on the Apple Watch.

What about payments?

The move comes with the release of Apple Pay, which will enable consumers to use their mobile phone as a contactless payment card, expected soon. However Barclaycard’s app for the Apple Watch doesn’t let you make payments

Apple Pay, and its rival Google Wallet, are already in use in the US and are expected to become available in the UK sometime in 2015.

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