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Would you raffle your house?

When the owner of a 18th century manor in Lancashire couldn't a find a buyer he turned to an unusual method to sell his house.

A manor house is Lancashire valued at £800,000 was raffled off when its owner couldn’t find a buyer on the open market.

The new owner will now get to own the grand 18th century property for the price of a £2 raffle ticket.

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Why the raffle?

The owner, Dunstan Low, bought the house for £435,000 in 2014 , he spent £150,000 renovating the property, and put it up for sale this year at £800,000, but received no offers.

It was then he came up with the idea of a raffle to find a new owner for the six-bed property. His aim was to sell about 500,000 £2 raffle tickets to cover all fees and taxes to sell the home.

By the end of the raffle he raised almost £900,000, and made a £30,000 donation to St John’s Hospice.

The ‘Lady’ of the manor

The winner of the raffle, Marie Segar, bought 20 tickets for £40. She couldn’t believe her luck when she won the property, according to the Blackpool Gazette, she said:

“I’m just in shock. I can’t believe it, I just can’t. I don’t have a plan, I entered and I never thought for a moment…I’ve never won anything before. This is completely surreal. I’ve only ever won £9 on the lottery.”

Marie Segar will also receive the title of ‘Lady’ of Milling, which was included in the raffle by the title’s previous owners St John’s Hospice, in return for Dunstan Low’s generous donation.

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Would you raffle your home rather than sell it?

Dunstan Low is now offering to help people raffle their house in a similar way.