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The best balance transfer cards for 2018

We look at what we think are the top balance transfer cards listed on uSwitch this year.

If you’re paying expensive interest on existing credit card a balance transfer card could help, our short video below explains how they work.

What’s the best balance transfer card?

It’s impossible to make a hard and fast call over what’s the best balance transfer card, there’s a few different ways that a card could be top of it’s class.

We’ve taken look at the hundreds of cards on uSwitch to see what we think are the top balance transfer deals right now. Take a look at card in the below areas:

But it’s also worth remembering that with any kind of borrowing your personal circumstances are crucial in deciding what is the “best” card.

You can check your eligibility for cards before you apply to find out what might be the best cards available to you through uSwitch.

Longest 0% balance transfer cards

Choosing a card with the longest 0% period is a good move if you don’t think you could pay off your debt within three or so years.


Credit card specialists MBNA are lead the way with a 38 month interest free period and a 1.44% transfer fee.

  • Cost of 1.44% fee for a £1,200 balance transfer: £17.28
  • No transfers from: MBNA or Nuba credit cards


Nuba are in second place with a 38 month interest free period and slightly higher 2.49% transfer fee.

Nuba are issued by MBNA and provide much the same card as MBNA but with a slightly different face, the customer service is still effectively through MBNA.

You can also get a £20 Amazon voucher with the Nuba card, providing you make balance transfers totalling at least £1,000 within the first 60 days of getting the card.

  • Cost of 2.49% fee for a £1,200 balance transfer: £0
  • No transfers from: MBNA or Nuba credit cards

No fee balance transfer cards

Picking a balance transfer card that has no fee seems like a no-brainer, but be careful of short 0% periods.

Often the trade off for picking no-fee balance transfer card is the 0% interest period will be shorter, but if you don’t need as long to pay off your debt they’re a great option.

However, if you maintain a good credit score there’s nothing to stop you moving your debt to another no-fee 0% balance transfer card.


Halifax’s no-fee balance transfer card gives you 29 months of interest free borrowing with no upfront fee.

  • No transfers from: Halifax, Lloyds Bank or Bank of Scotland credit cards


Sainsbury’s are hot on Halifax’s heels with a no-fee balance transfer fee card offering 28 months of interest free borrowing.

There’s also a Nectar point offer which could be rewarding if you plan to shop in Sainsbury’s. But as the card only offers 3 months 0% interest on purchases, you’d need to be careful not to spend too much with this card.

  • No transfers from: Sainsbury’s credit cards

‘Best of both world’ balance transfer cards

Typically you can enjoy an 0% interest introductory offer on either purchases or balance transfers, but a few cards offer you both, though in return for this flexibility you miss out on 0% transfer fees or the longest 0% periods.


MBNA offer a leading 0% matched offer of 30 months for both balance and money transfers, as well as purchases, their offer comes with a 2.72% transfer fee (though the money transfer fee is a higher 4%).

  • Cost of 2.72% fee for £1,200 balance transfer: £32.64
  • No transfers from: Santander credit cards

Marks and Spencer

High street favourites M&S offer a card with 25 months 0% on purchases and balance transfers, which whilst further down the table could be worth considering for its retail reward points if you’re a regular M&S shopper.

  • Cost of 2.9% fee for £1,200 balance transfer: £34.40
  • No transfers from: Barclaycard credit cards

Balance transfer cards for bad credit

It can be difficult to transfer credit card balances if you have a less than perfect credit score, however some card providers will consider your application, even if you have a limited credit history.


This card from Barclaycard is intended for people with a limited, but good, credit history. They offer 0% on balance transfers for 18 months in exchange for a 2.99% fee.

  • Cost of 2.99% fee for £1,200 balance transfer: £35.88
  • No transfers from: Barclaycard credit cards

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