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*The "up to" speed displayed in Mb is the maximum possible speed you are likely to receive for this product. The actual speed you will get depends on your cabling, your area and (with non-fibre optic products) time of day and how far you are from the telephone exchange. Most providers will tell you the likely speed you will receive when you begin your online sign up - this may differ from the speed displayed in the table.

The deals available at your postcode are subject to local availability. The provider will confirm availability for your line.

We aim to take the strain out of broadband comparison. Good broadband deals aren't just about the price, it's also about what's included in the product, the speeds offered and any extra incentives providers are offering. To balance all of these, we have developed a ranking formula that takes into account deals that are proving to be popular with our customers, that are competitive in the maket and have a smooth switching process.

If you prefer, you can sort deals by the average monthly cost, which is all of the costs - including any compulsory upfront costs such as router delivery or installation fee - divided by the length of the contract. Or you can sort by the total contract cost for all packages which let’s you see the total spend for the whole contract period

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up to 3 deals

up to 3 deals

Broadband deals explained

Sign up for home phone and landline deals and you’ll benefit from cheap domestic, international and mobile calls – potentially cutting hundreds of pounds off your phoneline, home phone & call bills.

You’ll also be able to access a raft of handy calling features, including a block on sales calls and free voicemail.

Below we'll detail all the information you need to compare phone deals at our website, including the best phone line rental and home phone deals from all the major providers.

Home phone and landline providers

BT was once the UK’s sole home telephony operator. But latterly a number of rivals in the telecoms space have joined BT in the landline provider sector, including Virgin Media and TalkTalk.

The heightened levels of competition for your business mean that the market is now awash with excellent deals. Here we’ll look at what each provider offers to give you a better idea of what you can expect if you sign up for a home phone and landline as a standalone option or add one to your existing services.

BT home and landline

Take a BT landline for 12 months with a charge of £15.99 telephone line rental per month and you can choose from four cheap calling plans. These are the Unlimited Weekend Calling Plan, the Unlimited Anytime Calling Plan, Unlimited Anytime Plan Plus and Unlimited Evening and Weekend Calling Plan.

All are available when you take a BT landline for 12 months at £10.75 per month.

Unlimited Weekend Calling Plan

This is provided for no additional charge when you sign up for a BT landline. Customers who choose this option get unlimited calls to UK landlines and inclusive calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers at weekends.

Unlimited Evening and Weekend Calling Plan

Sign up for the plan at £2 per month and you’ll be able to make as many calls as you like during evenings and weekends for no additional charge.

Unlimited Anytime Calling Plan

Choose this for £7 per month and you’re free to make unlimited calls to UK landlines as well as 0870 and 0845 numbers at any time of day. You'll also qualify for half-price calls to mobile phones.

All BT phone packages also provide some gret calling features at no extra cost. These are:


Allows you to get the number of the last person who called

BT Answer 1571

A free voicemail service, so you’ll never miss an important call

*BT Privacy *

Want a quiet evening undisturbed by unwanted calls? This great feature can guarantee that for you.

Not only does it screen out sales calls, it also allows you to see who’s calling so you can decide whether you want to take the call.

BT SmartTalk app

This app lets you save money on expensive calls on your smartphone by allowing you to make them with your BT calling plan.

Help and support

BT offers around-the-clock customer care to help you should anything go awry with your line.

For an extra monthly outlay, you can also add extra calling features, including 'call waiting', 'call diversion' and 'call barring'.

See the full range of BT broadband and home phone and standalone landline deals by heading to our BT page

Looking for a BT landline only deal instead? Head to our BT New Lines page

Virgin Media home phone and landline

Cheap landline calls and flexibility are the hallmarks of Virgin Media’s home phone and landline offers. Below is a complete breakdown of what each offers.

The majority of these are available to anyone who takes a Virgin Media landline (phoneline) at £15.99 per month. Your total monthly outlay, however, depends on on which talk plan you choose, including calling features and extras.

You can also qualify for a cheaper monthly rate if you've broadband or TV as part of your package.

Talk Weekends (also known as ‘M’)

Includes unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin Media mobiles. This is free with your Virgin Media phone line at £15.99 per month.

Talk Evening and Weekends (also known as ‘L’)

This offers unlimited evening and weekend calls to UK landlines and Virgin mobiles and will take your monthly outlay to £20.59.

Talk Unlimited (also known as ‘XL’)

Priced £8 per month, Talk Unlimited customers get unlimited anytime calls to UK landline and Virgin mobiles.

Talk Unlimited Extra (also known at 'XXL')

This offers unlimited any time calls to UK landlines, 0845 and 0870 numbers and any mobile network at any time for £15 per month.

Talk Mobile

If you already take a Virgin Phone package you can add this for just £2 per month for a 33 per cent reduction on all your calls to mobiles. This is perfect if you use your landline to make a lot of calls to mobile phones.

Talk International

Like TalkMobile this is an add-on priced £2 per month for anyone who already takes one of the packages outlined above and offers reduced rate calls to any country, worldwide landline or mobile.

As with BT, Virgin Media home and landline deals include a number of call features. Among the free features are number withhold, so you can make calls in privacy as well as the option to keep your number private at all times.

Virgin Media home and landline customers also get free voicemail and the option to conceal calls made to your phone.

There are also a slew of extra features available to Virgin Media home phone customers for an additional charge.

Compare the best phone deals from Virgin at the Virgin Media provider page

TalkTalk home phone and landline deals

TalkTalk is widely regarded as the UK’s premier value broadband provider. And that same ethos of providing great value also applies to its home phone and landline offering.

Sign up for a TalkTalk landline at £11.49 per month and you can choose from:

  • Talk Anytime This attractive add-on includes unlimited calls to UK landlines and 0870 and 0845 numbers at any time, as well as unlimited calls to millions of TalkTalk customers across the UK.

Need overseas calls too? That’s covered also in your monthly charge of £5.49 per month, with unlimited calls to 36 international destinations.

  • Talk Evening and Weekend £2.95 per month will get you free calls at evenings and weekends and charge-free 0845 and 0870 calls during the same periods. As with Talk Anytime, TalkTalk will also provide reduced rate calls to 36 destinations overseas.

Choose either of these attractive home and landline offers and you’ll be also benefit from Calling Circle. This allows you to get cheap calls to a set number of friends and family members.

For an additional fee you can also add calling features, such as three-way calling, call diversion and anonymous caller reject for screening out sales calls.

Considering signing up for TalkTalk? Find out more about all their products at our dedicated TalkTalk page

Primus home phone and landline deals

Primus' Home Phone Saver is fantastic for cost-conscious consumers. Choose this option and you'll get free evening and weekend calls and voicemail for no extra charge. And to keep billing simple, inclusive telephone line rental too.

The Primus Home Phone Saver Prepay option, meanwhile, lets you pay £99 upfront for the whole year. This also includes phone line rental in a single bill and offers free weekend calls.

Primus' product range also includes home broadband and home phone/landline bundles.

Tesco home phone and landline deals

Tesco home phone offerings are keenly priced, offering cheap/free calls and well as Tesco Clubcard points when you sign up.

Sky home phone and landline deals

Sky provides a landline for £14.50 per month and includes the Weekend calls package for no extra charge. You can add Sky AnyTime for an extra £5 per month. Both options have a single bill to make things simple.

As with all providers, you can save more money by also taking broadband from Sky.

EE home phone and landline deals

EE does not offer standalone home phone and landline. But you can sign up for broadband and home phone and landline EE deals that are very competitive. They're especially good if you're a T-Mobile or Orange customer. Because these are EE partner brands, customers often qualify for substantial savings.

Vonage home and landline deals

Vonage isn't a conventional home phone provider. Instead uses VOIP technology to let you make phone calls over your broadband connection, which can work out much cheaper.

Vonage also stands out for its commitment-free one-month contracts.

Combining home phone and landline with broadband

Taking multiple services from a single provider will get you substantial discounts on your monthly expenditure. But not only is broadband and home phone bundle a great way to save money, you’ll also get a single bill so you’ll be able to keep track of your outgoings more easily.

To find out more about adding the home phone option to your broadband and digital TV bundle, See our broadband bundles page for more bestselling broadband bundle packages.

Need more information about home phone and broadband offers? Head to our best phone deals page

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