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What is a broadband bundle?

Broadband bundles combine services such as home telephone, digital TV and mobile phone with a broadband connection. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) often offer free broadband or free calls as part of bundle deals as an incentive to sign up. This means broadband bundles are a great way of saving money.

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It is harder to compare bundles than it is straight-up, standalone broadband packages, so it is important to ask yourself a few questions in order to avoid getting lured into an unsuitable contract.

When do I use my home phone most?

If the answer is "any time outside work hours" then an off-peak call bundle will save you money. If you make a lot of calls during the day, then an anytime calls offer will be more apt.

Which TV channels do you watch the most?

Many digital TV providers offer mix-and-match bundles. To avoid paying for channels you may not watch, check exactly which channels are included in the bundle and which will cost you extra.

Typical offers

Although each bundle is different, and it is always possible to haggle slightly with providers, most bundles include the same features. Here are some of best broadband suppliers for bundles.

  • Virgin Media is top of the tree when it comes to broadband bundles, with their cheapest bundle coming in at around £5 per month (including free weekend calls).

Virgin Media also scores highly for its quad-packages, which combine broadband, mobile phone, cable TV and landline, and keen prices.

  • BT offers a range of broadband, home phone packages and digital TV (BT Vision) bundles.

  • TalkTalk spearheaded the shift towards “free broadband”, combining broadband with free UK and international, evening and weekend calls (as well as free calls to other TalkTalk customers) in one easy package.

Like Virgin Media, the range of TalkTalk's offering means it can combine four services in a single package, including broadband, home phone, TV and mobile phone.

  • Sky is a great option for combining premium TV packages, including Premiership football and movies, and a great broadband service.

For more information on deals and offers see the uSwitch broadband bundles comparison page, or visit our new broadband products page to see some of the latest offers.