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1 Download an HD movie

indiana jones

As any film buff knows, HD adds a new dimension to watching movies, offering rich, crisp pictures with up to five times more detail than standard definition. When you’ve got super fast broadband you can download everything from the latest Hollywood blockbusters to arthouse obscurities in a fraction of the time it would take over a standard connection. So quick is it, in fact, that an entire 15GB movie download can be completed in as little as 45 minutes.

2 Stream HD video

Fast broadband also means that you can stream HD video directly to your computer with minimal buffering. Compare that with the lags that can blight even a short, three-minute YouTube clip when a standard connection is used.

3 Enjoy online gaming as it was intended to be

modern warfare2 2

Massively multiplayer online gaming is the kind of thing that gamers dreamt about for decades. But now it’s actually here, the experience can often be a bit disappointing. That’s mostly because of ping – the mid-game delays to responsiveness when an unreliable or slow broadband service is used. Not so with super fast broadband, which shoots down ping in a hail of hot lead and frag grenades.

Not only does that mean a richer gaming experience, but you’ll also have a distinct advantage over your opponents to boot.

4 Download Wikipedia to your phone


Thanks to its army of hard-working scribes, Wiki spans thousands of Gigabytes. However, a super-fast connection will let you download the entire UK site in double quick time. You’ll almost certainly then want to invest in a high storage microSD card or similar to ensure you’ve got plenty of room left for apps, photos and music. But that’s a small price to pay to having what’s still the best online encyclopedia at your fingertips.

5 Back up your whole computer


If you’ve got a lot of data to keep, backing up your computer can take what seems like aeons. But you’ll find it’s a lot less painful when you use a fast connection and back up your files online via a Cloud storage service. And instead of just saving files of critical importance and snaps with sentimental value, you can back up the entire contents of your PC.

Virgin Media XXL customers can already store an unlimited amount of data in this way via the broadband provider’s Vstuff service. But if your provider doesn’t offer that option, you can always use a highly rated cloud storage service such as Mozy, which lets you back up everything in your life for a small monthly subscription.

6 Work from home more efficiently than you do at your office

Hands typing on a laptop

Even in the high-tech, secret laboratory that is the Top 10 Broadband office (the secret entrance is hidden behind a bookcase, natch), we sometimes experience sporadically slow connection speeds. As well as being a cause of tooth-gnashing frustration, they can seriously also hit productivity.

But if your work involves being online and you’ve got a super fast home broadband connection, you’ll find you can get loads more done in your allotted eight hours than you would even in the best-serviced offices. And you might find that your boss is a lot more amenable to you working from home more in future too.

7 Fill up an MP3 player or 160GB iPod in no time

ipod classic

Got a new MP3 player, iPod or smartphone and a subscription to a service with unlimited downloads? You have? Then you’re in an ideal position to take advantage of your fast broadband connection to turn your portable music player into the ultimate on-the-go jukebox.

Using Virgin Media’s 50Mb service you can grab a whole 60MB album in 60 seconds. So you’ll be able nab yourself the entire Smiths canon in eight minutes and the whole of the Beatles’ oeuvre in just a few minutes more.

8 Video-conferencing with relatives in Australia

Rather than the usual staid Christmas day phone call to your ‘rellies’, super fast broadband will let you video conference with them instead and see and hear them on your monitor in real time.

There is of course a real downside of to all this, however. Instead of just imagining how bad they look in their special festive knitwear you’ll be able to see for yourself. And you’ll even be able to enjoy that retina-scorching, knitted reindeer print in rich HD.

9 Download software updates

Keeping your computer shipshape, bug-free and protected from viruses and malware can dramatically eat into usage. And it takes time too. But with an unlimited fast broadband product, that won’t be a problem. Not only will you have total piece of mind, you’ll also have more time to do genuinely fun things with your computer.

10 All of the above all at the same time

You heard us right. Super fast fibre optic broadband isn’t impaired when it’s in use by multiple applications. So it’s time to fill your boots.

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