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BT Mobile: Five things you need to know

BT Mobile: Five things you need to know

BT announced its return to the mobile game this week, 15 years after it sold O2.

The telecoms giant revealed a string of new 4G plans, as it looks to take on the might of the biggest mobile operators and put the squeeze on its rivals in the TV space too.

We’ve taken a closer look at BT’s new plans. Read on and we’ll tell you the five key things you need to know about BT Mobile.

1 It’s not the end of BT’s EE buyout

bt ee

BT has tendered a £12.5 billion bid for EE, which will make it one of the leading mobile networks in the UK. However, that deal is yet to be finalised.

BT Mobile is simply a precursor to that, with BT essentially operating a MVNO network using EE’s signal.

That means you’ll get the same coverage as EE, but with BT’s new price plans.

Think of it the same way Tesco uses O2’s network to deliver its mobile service and you get the idea.

2 It’s cheap

shut up and take my money cheap

BT isn’t playing games. Its new deals are absurdly good value.

You can snag 500MB of 4G data, unlimited texts and 200 minutes for just £5 a month if you’re an existing BT customer.

That rises to £10 if you’re not already using BT’s services at home.

That’s still a great deal. £20 a month will land you 20GB of data and unlimited texts and calls (£25 if you’re not with BT beforehand).

3 But it is SIM only

bt sim only

There is a snag. To get one of BT’s deals, you’ll already need to have a 4G phone in your pocket, as they’re SIM only.

However, if you’re coming to the end of a two year deal and have a phone you like, you could do a lot worse than sign up.

It’s also likely that buying a 4G phone outright and then getting one of BT Mobile’s deals will be cheaper than a two year package, as long as you have the cash.

Motorola’s superb Moto E 2015 costs £109 up front and packs 4G. Apple’s iPhone 5c is similarly endowed and can be picked up for around £300 off contract.

4 Premier League perks

man city v southampton 1

BT’s deal with the Premier League means that anyone who signs up to its mobile network gets access to its BT Sport app and will be able to watch live games every weekend.

That’s not to be sniffed at when Sky is so expensive.

Perhaps the only rub is that you’ll have to listen to Michael Owen’s searing analysis of a Saturday lunchtime.

BT is also set to start covering the Champions League from next season, which makes its new mobile deals even more attractive.

A fiver a month to watch Messi and co take apart all comers? You can’t go wrong.

5 And a deal for the whole household

leave it to beaver

Perhaps BT’s biggest calling card is the fact that anyone who lives in a home with BT broadband or TV qualifies for its discounted 4G rates, not just the bill payer.

That’s a major plus if you’re in a house share or got teenage kids who are gagging for faster web access that until now has been pretty pricey.

Not only that, it lays down the gauntlet to Virgin, TalkTalk and Sky, who will now need to fire back with better mobile offerings if they want their ‘quad play’ services to match up.

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