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BT has announced its BT Plus plans are available right now. BT Plus is the UK's first converged fibre and 4G plan that promises to keep customers connected at all times.

Here we'll fill you in on what they offer, and how much they cost.

1 Ultrafast speeds

bt plus lifestyle

When taken with Ultrafast Fibre Plus, BT Plus promises customers an average speed of 300Mbps - that's blazingly fast, quick enough to download a high definition film in just 40 seconds.

Not only that, you also get a speed guarantee of 100Mbps, even at peak times. That means that no matter how busy the network, you'll be able to browse, download and stream at speed.

And if it drops below 100Mbps? BT will give you £20 compensation, though you can only claim this a maximum of four times a year.

2 Keep Connected Promise

bt mini hub

You're also covered in case there's a problem with your home broadband. Should you experience an outage, BT will switch on free, unlimited data on your household's BT mobiles within an hour, so you and the family can keep browsing.

It will also send you a free 4G Wi-Fi Mini Hub on a next-day delivery - this will give you unlimited data, so you can stay connected until the permanent connection is back up and running.

3 Price freeze and dedicated support

The price of your broadband will be frozen for 18 months, so you know exactly how much you'll be paying. There's also 24/7 dedicated UK support to handle any problems you might have.

4 Double data on extra SIMs

bt sim only

If you have more than one SIM on your BT Plus account, you'll get double data every month and a free upgrade to the fastest 4G speeds. You'll also get a monthly £5 discount on any BT Mobile plan and a further 20 per cent discount on every additional SIM you add.

5 Available now

They're available now. So what's on offer, and how much do they cost?

BT Plus Broadband starts at £54.99 a month for either the Superfast Fibre or Ultrafast Fibre packages. Ultrafast Fibre 2 is a fiver more, at £59.99.

If you want fibre and four double-data SIMs, you'll have to pay more. A 10GB SIM (split between 5GB on the plan and 5GB extra) is £95.79 a month for Superfast or Ultrafast Fibre, or £173.99 a month for an 80GB SIM (with the same 50/50 split of 40GB each for plan and extra).

Ultrafast FIbre 2 - which is the plan with the 300Mbps average speed - is £100.79 a month for the 10GB SIM, and £178.99 for the 80GB SIM.

The BT Plus Bundle (which includes mobile with double data) sits somewhere between these two extremes.

A 1GB SIM (500MB plan and 500MB extra) is £61.99 a month, with the mobile plan costing just £7 a month when bought with BT Plus Broadband. The 10GB SIM (5GB plan and 5GB extra) is £66.99 a month with a £12 phone bill, while the 80GB SIM (40GB plan and 40GB extra) is £94.99 a month with a £35 phone bill.

It's a lot to get your head round we know. But if you're keen on fast speeds and want one single bill covering all your connectivity outgoings, these plans could be worth a look.

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