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1 in 8 new homes still lack decent broadband

1 in 8 new homes still lack decent broadband

Many people living in new-build homes in the UK may still lack access to decent broadband as developers have opted not to run the latest connectivity to their projects.

That is according to new figures from Thinkbroadband, which revealed that four out of ten new-build properties still rely on copper wire rather than fibre-optic cables for their connectivity, the Daily Mail reports.

This is despite government efforts to promote the use of full fibre right to the door, as it looks to move the entire country away from a reliance on copper by 2033.

However, the figures also found one in eight new-build homes cannot even reach the minimum standard needed for decent broadband, defined by Ofcom as an average download speed of at least 10Mbps.

Several politicians have spoken out against this, with Grant Shapps, chairman of the British Infrastructure Group, saying it is time developers realised that good broadband is not an "optional extra" for homes today.

Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable agreed, saying: "Internet connectivity is fundamental to people who work from home – and in a modern economy it is not just a luxury but a necessity."

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