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Could you save on gym fees with better broadband?

It's that time of the year when many of us are making renewed efforts to exercise more frequently, but new research from broadband supplier TalkTalk suggests many Brits are abandoning expensive gym memberships in favour of doing it themselves at home.

The company found 70 per cent of people use alternative workout spots, with their own living room the number one choice. Not only is this more convenient for many, it could also offer big savings.

TalkTalk calculated that by staying at home and relying on exercise videos from the internet, consumers could save more than £200 a year.

It noted the average gym membership costs more than £40 a month, whereas TalkTalk Faster Fibre home broadband costs just £23.50 a month - and of course, can be used for much more than streaming workout vids.

Having a fast, reliable connection may be important for many users, as the company's study found more than a quarter of millennials (26 per cent) say they have been frustrated by exercise videos or apps freezing as a result of a poor internet connection.

Therefore, choosing a provider that offer a strong service and a powerful Wi-Fi router could help many Brits keep their new year's resolutions without having to venture out into the cold and wet to hit the gym.

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