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Netflix unveils fastest broadband providers for streaming

Netflix unveils fastest broadband providers for streaming

With many people having found smart TVs, games consoles and other gadgets under the Christmas tree, the number of people looking to use their broadband connection to stream TV shows and movies is likely to have skyrocketed recently.

But which provider offers the best performance for these services? To help, streaming provider Netflix has once again updated its internet supplier speed index, which shows that Virgin Media remains the fastest way of watching video online.

Netflix's figures showed customers using Virgin to access its services received average speeds of 4.3Mbps in 20187,,.uk reports. BT was close behind at 4.22Mbps and Plusnet came in third with speeds of 4.01Mbps.

TalkTalk was the poorest performer of the UK's major internet providers, at 3.79Mbps, though all the companies examined have seen their speeds improve since 2017. noted that while the figures may not seem that impressive, they only reflect the average speeds being used to watch Netflix shows, and aren't a measure of a home's actual broadband connection.

It also does not reveal the number of people who are watching in standard definition, which requires lower speeds than high definition or 4K viewing.

The fact that Virgin Media tops the table could also indicate that more of the provider's customers are watching in high or ultra-high definition.

Netflix recommends a minimum speed of 3Mbps to watch standard-definition programming, while a high-definition experience would mean a minimum line speed of 5Mbps. 

Meanwhile, if viewers want to watch shows in ultra high definition, a minimum speed of 25Mbps is likely to be required. also noted that the speed of a home's broadband connection is not the only factor that can affect streaming performance. Other issues that may have an impact include congestion as multiple devices try to connect to the network at the same time, slow Wi-Fi, and any traffic management policies being implemented by the broadband provider.

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