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TalkTalk customers to see £4 a month price rise for TV services

TalkTalk customers to see £4 a month price rise for TV services

Users of TalkTalk TV and broadband services will face an increase in their bills of £48 a year from February in order to watch TV in two rooms at once - even if they have no wish to do this.

Currently, multiroom services are an optional extra for users of TalkTalk TV and costs £4 a month. However, from February 1st, the provider is including this service - and its price premium - as standard with its TV packages.

This means customers will face the extra charge even if they only wish to use TalkTalk TV in one room. While they can opt out, this will also result in losing access to premium channels.

TalkTalk TV is offered as an optional extra for the firm's broadband customers at no charge, though they can pay for add-on 'boosts', such as Sky Sports and Sky Cinema. However, these options will not be available to those who opt out of the new charge.

If users do continue to take the TV service and accept the new fee, they will receive a £5 voucher from TalkTalk that can be used to rent movies through the service. Those who wish to add multiroom capabilities but do not currently have them will also have to pay a £25 fee for a second box, plus a £25 installation fee.

Defending the new charge, a spokesperson for TalkTalk said: "We've been investing heavily in our TV service over the past two years to deliver large-scale tech updates and product innovations that bring real benefits to the customer experience, as well as adding more great content.

"While making such improvements has resulted in a price change, TalkTalk TV continues to offer fantastic value for money and customers can save up to £216 a year vs BT, Sky and Virgin Media."

If customers do wish to opt out, they can do so by calling TalkTalk's customer service team on 0345 172 0088 by the end of January. Those that do this will still be able to access Freeview channels through their set top box, as well as pause and rewind live TV and use on-demand services, such as BBC iPlayer.

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