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ZZoomm suburban-focused full fibre company launches

ZZoomm suburban-focused full fibre company launches

A new broadband provider has been launched that will aim to deliver ultrafast services to towns and suburban areas that have until now missed out on the rollout of full fibre connectivity.

ZZoomm is aiming to design and build its own fibre to the premises (FTTP) network that will offer speeds of up to 1Gbps to homes and businesses that currently only have slow copper cables reaching their front door.

It is the work of entrepreneur Matthew Hare, who previously established rural-focused fibre network Gigaclear in 2010.

Mr Hare, who will take up the position of chief executive at Zzoomm, said that many homes are being left behind by the fibre revolution, especially those outside of the largest cities.

"Numerous small towns and suburbs still do not have any plans for full fibre from the network into the properties and are stuck with the pedestrian internet access speeds that are provided by copper wires," he stated.

"Zzoomm is targeting some of these 4.5 million homes which are still blighted by ageing copper infrastructure."

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