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Zen Internet cuts price of fibre broadband with lifetime guarantee

Zen Internet cuts price of fibre broadband with lifetime guarantee

Broadband provider Zen Internet has confirmed it is cutting the cost of its fibre broadband deal, with the new price set to benefit from its recently-announced lifetime guarantee.

The company is reducing the cost of its Unlimited Fibre 1 deal from £37 a month to £29.99 a month. However, unlike many other deals, which are only available for a limited time or will jump in price after 12 months, consumers should be able to continue enjoying fast internet for this price for years to come.

This is because Zen recently announced that it would be ending the practice of increasing prices once consumers' minimum contract terms come to an end. Instead, its lifetime guarantee ensures the price users pay when they sign up will be the price they continue to pay as long as they remain with the company.

Announcing the move earlier this month, managing director of the firm Andrew Fryatt said: "For too long the broadband industry has focused on making short-term decisions for instant profit over the wellbeing of its customers and we're aiming to change that."

Zen's Unlimited Fibre 1 deal comes with a 12-month contract and offers average download speeds of 35Mbps, line rental, unlimited downloads, a high-quality wireless router and a free static IP address.

Alternatively, users can opt to take a broadband-only deal that does not include line rental, which drops the price to £19.99 a month, though of course, this will require them to maintain a phone line from a different provider.

Even with the reduction, Zen Internet is not the cheapest provider available, perhaps reflecting the fact that it needs to offset its commitment to no end-of-term price increases. However, it may still benefit customers who would prefer the transparency and peace of mind that comes from knowing that what you see is what you get.

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