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Virgin Media to offer free upgrade to ultrafast broadband for over a million customers

Virgin Media to offer free upgrade to ultrafast broadband for over a million customers

Ultrafast broadband is coming to an extra one million UK homes this year as Virgin Media has pledged free upgrades to their customers. This means upwards of 500,000 Virgin Media customers will see their broadband speeds double, with some even seeing them becoming five times faster than before.

This free boost to the cable provider's M100 broadband means that those customers will nearly double their download speeds to an average of 108Mbps, all without paying a penny.

After the nationwide upgrade to M100 finishes, Virgin Media’s national average speed will rise above 150Mbps, which will further elevate the UK’s broadband standing in comparison to neighbouring countries.

Automatic upgrades for eligible customers

The upgrade to Virgin Media’s M100 broadband package is not only free of charge, but it’s also automatic. Meaning that customers on subscriptions with slower download speeds will see a dramatic boost in their broadband connection in the coming weeks without having to do a thing — they will simply receive a notification once the upgrade has been completed.

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This boost to ultrafast broadband will mean that customers can enjoy significantly faster broadband speeds than the top services offered by many other providers, giving Virgin Media a competitive edge in the fibre broadband market.

Annie Brooks, Executive Director of Connectivity at Virgin Media, said:

“We’re starting 2020 with a broadband bang by rewarding our loyal customers with this free speed upgrade so even more people can experience our ultrafast, future-proof connectivity.

“As the UK’s fastest widely available broadband provider, we want to banish buffering and let our customers live without limits so they can do everything they want to online, at the same time, without delay. Whether they’re streaming UHD movies on demand while downloading the latest game, or simply browsing the web, we’ve got our customers covered.”

What can ultrafast broadband do?

Superfast and ultrafast both sound pretty fast, but the difference is quite dramatic. With download speeds averaging around 108Mbps, Virgin Media’s M100 connection means that ultra-high definition 4K movies and TV shows can be streamed with absolute ease (a 5GB HD film downloads in just over 7 minutes, for example), and online gaming will never suffer from lag or loss of connection (Fortnite on Xbox is 31.4GB and downloads in less than 45 minutes).

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Even faster speeds coming soon from Virgin Media

Not one to rest on its laurels, Virgin Media launched the UK’s fastest home broadband service in certain areas last year. Residents in and around Southampton, Manchester and Reading now have access to gigabit speeds via the provider’s Gig1 service, which offers speeds 20 times faster than the UK average.

Gig1 is in the process of being rolled out across the country over the next few years, meaning nearly 15 million homes could get gigabit speeds by the end of 2021.

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