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How can I order the PS5?

How can I order the PS5?

The Playstation 5 is set to be released on November 19th in the UK across a range of retailers. When it's released you’ll have the choice of two versions of the PS5, the standard console for £449.99 or the new digital edition for £359.99. The digital edition is the disc-less console whereas with the standard edition, you can buy games digitally or with a disc.

If you love gaming, this is an exciting time, with the much-anticipated release of the next-gen console right around the corner!

Playstation 5 key features:

  • Access to an array of exclusive PS5 titles
  • Ground-breaking 120fps graphics
  • Versatility as an entertainment hub with apps such as Netflix
  • Lightning fast loading speeds from the new SSD hardware
  • New top of the range Playstation accessories

These thrilling new features, amongst many others, promise to deliver an unparalleled new gaming experience.

How can you get the PS5?

Unfortunately, the first wave of pre-orders passed on September 17th, with the consoles selling out in record time. And customers weren’t the only ones that were stressed as this was a chaotic experience for all involved, as stated by Sony themselves:

The good news is that new stock is expected to be available closer to the release date, but you will have to be quick because, like pre-orders, this stock is likely to sell out in a flash!

So here’s what you can do to give yourself the best chance of getting your hands on the PS5:

1. Look out for retailers restocking

In anticipation of Black Friday, retailers are likely to restock their supply of PS5s, so here are some retailers to keep an eye on:

  • Amazon
  • Currys
  • Argos
  • Game
  • John Lewis
  • Very
  • AO.com
  • Box
  • Ebuyer
  • Smyths Toys

2. Sign up for email alerts

With a range of retailers who released the PS5 selling out, signing up for email alerts is one of the most effective ways that you can ensure you don’t miss out on the next drop.

Doing this will notify you of the latest updates on the availability of the PS5. This is a great way for you to be one of the first to know about restocks, without having to spend time scouring the internet.

Companies offering free email alert sign ups include Box, Game, T3 and Techradar.

Everything we know about the PS5

How hard is it to get a PS5?

The PS5 is in very high demand this year and with limited stock available on release, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan, has stated the following:

“Sony pre-sold as many PS5 consoles in the first 12 hours in the United States as in the first 12 weeks for its predecessor PlayStation 4 device... It may well be that not everybody who wants to buy a PS5 on launch day will be able to find one.”

If you don’t manage to buy a PS5 on release day, don’t panic because there will be frequent restocks of the PS5 throughout the year.

But if you are lucky enough to get your hands on a PS5, you will want the best broadband for gaming to truly maximise your gaming experience.

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