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The 7 best excuses to skip another Zoom meeting

The 7 best excuses to skip another Zoom meeting

Work-from-home days won’t be going away any time soon, and that means much of life could continue to take place via Zoom. And when you spend your work days constantly logging on and telling co-workers they’re on mute, the thought of another Zoom hangout or catch-up on Houseparty could be too much for you to handle.

If you find yourself in need of a little quiet time and need a good excuse to get out of that Zoom chat, we’ve got you covered.

1. Use Zoom Escaper

You may have heard of a popular piece of software that many have downloaded recently called Zoom Escaper. Once installed, it allows you to sabotage your own audio with an array of urgent off-camera sounds that give you the perfect excuse to drop off a call.

Everything from a barking dog or a crying baby to loud construction noise can be just what you need to hang up and say you’ll try and dial back in later.

2. Blame your slow internet connection

Probably the easiest excuse to throw out there is that you’re struggling with slow, laggy or unreliable internet. Every one of us has experienced difficulties with internet connection problems at some point, and the vagueness of the response gives your excuses added credibility.

Of course, if you’re actually struggling with slow internet, run a quick speed test to see what other broadband options are available in your area.

3. My computer is updating

The dreaded software update that looms in your notifications bar for days offers the perfect excuse for skipping an unwanted Zoom call.

If you’ve set your computer to update automatically, or simply clicked yes to the update by accident, then you won’t be able to log into the Zoom pub quiz like you planned. Darn it.

4. Unable to log in/wrong meeting details

With so many Zoom meeting invites flying around, and with many of us having both work and personal accounts, a simple case of mistaken meeting details is 100% believable if you want to turn up a little late.

5. My battery is dying

This one might take a little more effort to sell, seeing as you’re probably at home and should be able to charge your phone, tablet or laptop. However, you could also use this excuse as a bit of a delaying technique.

6. I’ve run out of memory on my device

This one works really well if your friends are keen to use a specific app. At this stage most of us already have multiple video calling apps on our devices, and if your friends are insisting on using one in particular you could simply say you don’t have room to install it.

7. I’m taking a break from my screen

Here’s a wild one, as you could just tell them the truth that you need a break from your screen. From a full day at work staring at a screen to then go straight into another meeting could just be too much for your eyes or your brain. If that’s the case, then just let them know that you need some time away from your screen today. Most people will probably understand.

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