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Broadband Tools

Top 10 Broadband has created a series of bespoke tools to make the process of finding the right package easier for you.

Want to find out how fast your broadband is or which packages are available in your area? Use the tools below to find the answers to all your broadband queries.

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  • New

    Broadband local

    A new way of exploring broadband speed, deals and issues in your local area!

    Visit Broadband local
  • Broadband speed test

    Compare your speed against other providers and find out who's the fastest providers in your area.

    Begin the test
  • Postcode checker

    Compare the cheapest & fastest packages available in your area with our Postcode Checker.

    Check your postcode
  • Switch broadband

    Looking for a better deal then you currently have? We'll tell you which deals are best for you.

    Who is your current provider?

  • Broadband Speed Tracker

    Compare broadband provider speeds over time with our interactive Speed Test Graphs.

    View our stats
  • Broadband StreetStats

    See which providers are the fastest in your area with our interactive Speed Maps.

    View our maps

Top 10 Broadband has hand-made the tools above to allow you get more out of your current broadband connection and learn about potentially better broadband deals to consider.

Broadband speed test

The Top 10 Broadband speed test has taken speed testing to the next level, gone are the days when simple upload and download measurements were sufficient. Broadband customers in the UK still want to know what their speeds are but they also want to know what their neighbours are getting and for what cost.

Postcode checker

Want to know what broadband deals are available in your area? Just enter your postcode into the box above and let us do the checking for you.

Switch broadband

Switching is made easy with our broadband switching tool, simply select your provider from the drop-down box above and enter a few details to find deals that are faster, cheaper and include a greater download allowance than your current one. We'll also give you the number to call to contact your current provider and get a MAC code.

Speed Test Trends

Which broadband providers are getting faster over time and which are slowing down? Click on the link above to see the average speeds of all the top broadband providers over set time periods.

Broadband StreetStats

Thinking of moving house and want to check what potential broadband speeds are ahead of you? Enter your postcode into our broadband StreetStats tool above to see what residents on your new road are getting and which provider offers the best experience to your new neighbours.

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