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Business energy comparison - uSwitchforBusiness

Business energy comparison - uSwitchforBusiness

How can uSwitchforbusiness help my business save on its energy costs?

uSwitchforBusiness is a free energy brokerage service, focussed on helping business customers get the best gas and electricity contracts.

What else does uSwitchforBusiness do?

At uSwitchforBusiness, you can compare business energy quotes. They also provide a range of additional products and services to compare business insurance and compare business broadband. These products are specifically tailored for customers who own, run or hold responsibility for procurement in a business.

Compare business energy

How is it different to uSwitch?

uSwitchforBusiness was launched in November 2008 as a sister site to uSwitch, allowing the team to speak to business customers directly and give clients access to a dedicated team of business energy specialists.

uSwitchforBusiness is part of uSwitch - so you're guaranteed to receive the same high level of service given to all customers.

You'll also benefit from the extensive knowledge of the in-house experts on the business energy market and strong commercial relationships.

Why should I use uSwitchforBusiness?

The energy market can often be a minefield for businesses, but we make it a level playing field by giving you the help and guidance you need to make an informed and confident decision on your business energy.

We have an extensive panel, including leading energy companies as well as smaller, niche energy suppliers.

This combination means we can help our business customers take advantage of the best prices, services, and products for their individual needs, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach.

When you decide to switch business energy, uSwitchforBusiness will help you every step of the way, taking care of all the paperwork, and making the whole process is completely hassle-free.

What's more, the relationship doesn't just end when you switch - Acting as your business energy broker, we'll be there if you need us for the duration your new contracts and beyond, to ensure you always have the support you need when it comes to your business energy.

Even if your business's energy contract is not within its switching window, we can monitor the market for you and get back in touch when you are allowed to switch supplier.

What to do when your business energy contract ends

If you haven’t already agreed a new energy deal, then once your current business energy contract comes to an end your supplier will automatically place you onto one of its more expensive contracts.

Check your current energy contract to see when your 'renewal window' is. Your renewal window is the period usually between one and six months before the end of your contract where you're allowed to compare and agree a new energy deal with a different supplier.

If you don't know when your renewal period is your supplier will send you a letter detailing their offer of a new deal. Remember, if you don't agree to take their new deal then they will simply move you to one of their out-of-contract plans, which will be more expensive than their standard tariffs.

What happens after I switch business energy?

After you have agreed to switch to a new business energy deal with a different supplier, your old supplier will send a final bill at the end of the contract and will probably request a final meter reading.

Your new energy supplier will then arrange with your old supplier to provide you with your gas and electricity.

Does uSwitchforBusiness provide any further support?

Each service available on the site has a comprehensive help section, which should answer any questions you have about switching or applying for a product. It also provides valuable business advice designed to help you get the best deals.

If you would prefer to speak to an advisor (and we recommend that you do before you switch), then the uSwitchforBusiness customer services team is just a phone call away: 0800 188 4930.

How much does business energy cost?

The cost of energy for businesses can vary depending on a number of factors. Click on the guide to compare business energy prices per kWh.

Unlike household energy bills, the cost of each unit of electricity and gas is usually cheaper because business energy usage is on the whole much higher.

Per unit the price of energy is cheaper the more you use on an average annual basis. Click on the guide to Compare micro business energy rates and switch to a better deal. Micro and small businesses will of course have a cheaper bill than a large business, but per unit the cost of gas and electricity will be slightly higher.

The main factors affecting the cost of your business energy include:

  • The size of your business and how much energy you consume
  • What type of industry your business is in
  • The location of your business and if you have multiple sites
  • The length of the contract you need
  • Whether you need electricity and gas together or separately
  • Wholesale energy market prices

Suppliers will be considering all of these factors and more before quoting a price for you.

On top of this, the price of business energy constantly fluctuates, so finding a price that's right for you requires plenty of time and knowledge of the market.

That's where uSwitchforBusiness comes in. We can contact energy suppliers on your behalf and help you compare quotes to make it easier for you to find the best deal for your business.

Compare business energy

My business uses a lot of energy

If you have a large business, read our, compare large business energy guide that uses plenty of energy on a regular basis, and you have multiple locations across the country, then you have the option of having a multi-site energy deal that puts all your bills on one tariff to save time and money.

Or read the uSwitchforBusiness guide and discover how to Install a multi-site meter for your business.

You will also probably need a half hour meter. These meters, also known as HH meters or 00 meters, provide accurate readings to your supplier every half hour to ensure you're being charged fairly.

The law states that if your business has a maximum demand of 100kW or greater in any half hour period during the day, you must use half hour metering.

Read the uSwitchforBusiness guide and discover, half hourly electricity meters.

Prefer to speak to an business energy advisor (and we recommend that you do), uSwitchforBusiness customer services is just a phone call away: 0800 188 4930.

*Based on energy contracts arranged from 01 Jan 2018 to 30 Jun 2018 by uSwitchforBusiness, when compared to prices or renewal quotes from existing suppliers.

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