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Car insurance for convicted drivers

Read our guide to car insurance for drivers with motoring or non-motoring offences.

If you’re charged with a driving offence, it’s not just the resulting fine that could leave your pockets empty — your car insurance costs could rise too.

The same goes if you’re convicted of a criminal offence — any type of conviction could affect the price of your car insurance for some time. Read on and find out how to save on your car insurance, whether you’ve got points on your licence or a criminal record.

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Can convicted drivers get car insurance?

You may find it more difficult to get insured as a convicted driver, but remember it’s illegal to drive without adequate insurance cover. You could be fined up to £5,000 or even disqualified from driving — and this is even more likely if you’ve had previous motoring offences.

If you’ve had a recent conviction you may find that your current insurer hikes your premium or even refuses to insure you when it comes to renewal time. However, it’s easy to save money by switching your provider. There are several specialist providers that offer affordable car insurance for convicted drivers, so be sure to shop around.

How will convictions affect the cost of my car insurance?

Whether your conviction was for a motoring or non-motoring offence, it’s likely you’ll face higher car insurance premiums as a result, as insurers will see you as more of a risk. The exact impact on your car insurance costs will depend on the type of offence or conviction, and insurers will measure your premiums differently depending on many factors.

You will have to declare your motoring offences and unspent criminal convictions for three to five years, depending on the insurer. Since April 2013 you are no longer required to declare any spent convictions, so these should have no impact on your car insurance costs. Read our guides on car insurance for drivers with motoring offences and car insurance for people with criminal convictions to find out more.

Never be tempted to withhold your motoring or non-motoring convictions when asked by your insurer to declare them — your insurance could be deemed invalid in the event of a claim, potentially leaving you with a big bill and making it even more difficult to get insured in the future.

How to save money on car insurance for convicted drivers

Affordable car insurance may be harder to come by if you have convictions, but there are ways to save. General measures every driver can take include taking out telematics (or black box) insurance, increasing the voluntary excess on the policy, and keeping the car in a secure place overnight.

If you have just been convicted for speeding, the impact on your car insurance costs will be minimised if you opt to take a speed awareness course rather than accepting three points on your licence. Similarly, going on an approved course after a drink driving conviction can help to reduce your car insurance costs once any disqualification period has passed. Read our guide to car insurance for people with drink driving convictions for more information.

Some big-name providers do not offer car insurance for convicted drivers, so consider shopping around with specialist insurers. Many offer great rates for high-risk drivers, including those with motoring and non-motoring convictions. Use the quote tool below to compare deals on convicted driver insurance:

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