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Diamond is insurance cover designed with women in mind. Although the company states that women are better drivers based on fewer serious accidents, changes to EU laws prohibits discounts based on gender. Where does this leave Diamond?

Whilst they are unable to reward women who are better drivers based on the fact that they are of the female gender, Diamond has found other incentives to make this, in their words, a ‘girly’ type of insurance. Added to the cover as standard is handbag cover and car seat replacement if the car is involved in an accident.

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Diamond says they have always been passionate about providing better rates for women since their launch in 1997. The company has been providing online quotes since the turn of the century (2000) and they do believe women are safer drivers. Unfortunately, as of 21 December in 2012, the ban came into effect prohibiting their famed lower-cost premiums to women.

Even so, they continue to cater to women and are proud to do so. Diamond car insurance is also proud to offer comprehensive cover. Standard benefits include:

  • Courtesy car – if insured vehicle is in one of the garages approved by Diamond
  • 24 hour helpline for roadside assistance
  • Handbag cover
  • Child car seat cover
  • Audio cover
  • Access to special offers and exclusive competitions

In these ways Diamond feel they can reward women for being safe drivers – by providing incentives that appeal to the ladies.

Also available through Diamond are other insurance products including breakdown cover, travel insurance, home insurance, van insurance and scooter & motorbike insurance. Diamond also has products such as car warranty and multicar insurance. With a wide range of products, both women and men can be confident that all their insurance needs can be met under one insurance provider.

One nice benefit that Diamond offer is called a Bonus Accelerator. This is a way to acquire a no claims bonus in just ten months if you don’t have one to bring along with you when taking insurance cover through Diamond. And, they state that even if you don’t stay with them after that ten month period, they will send proof of the no claims bonus along with you when you leave.

Although Diamond are no longer able to give women price breaks based on gender, they make their insurance products desirable for women with those extra special ‘girly’ incentives. They advertise competitive rates and have been providing insurance for 15 years. Diamond may not be for women only anymore but they do cater to the female gender.

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  • Saturday: 9am - 6pm
  • Sunday: 10am - 6pm

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