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Car insurance guides

Driver with Covid mask

Your car and Covid-19: a 10-point checklist for motorists

A guide for motorists wanting to stay safe and roadworthy during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Cyclists in a group, blocking cars

Bicycles and cars: can cyclists and car drivers get along?

Cyclists and car drivers have to share the roads but do bicycles or cars have the most rights and what’s the insurance position?

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6 confusing Christmas driving questions, answered

Will adding decorations to your car invalidate your insurance? We’ve answered six confusing Christmas driving questions that often leave Brits baffled.

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Tuning radio

The UK’s Favourite Festive Driving Songs

We surveyed over 1,000 motorists to reveal the UK’s favourite Christmas car songs

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Zebra crossing

Over 80% of drivers don’t know when to stop for pedestrians on a zebra crossing

We surveyed UK drivers on the rules for pedestrian, cyclist, and equestrian crossings to find out how much they know about road safety.

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Car crazy Christmas - gift guide 2020

A £4,952 Porsche office chair or a £5,465 set of Bentley vases - here are 12 of the most unusual car branded Christmas gifts on the market.

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Electric car being charged

Answering the most Googled electric vehicle questions of 2020

We explored the most popular questions on electric vehicles in the last 12 months and teamed with Uswitch car insurance expert, Florence Codjoe, to answer them.

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Scraping the windshield

9 Winter Driving Myths, Debunked

Can you drive in wellies? To help drivers stay safe on the roads, we've debunked the top 10 winter driving myths to set the record straight.

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Pedestrian getting splashed by a puddle

One in three drivers admit to splashing pedestrians with puddles

A new survey from Uswitch reveals that one in three drivers risk a fine of up to £5,000 after admitting to soaking someone walking by

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