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Car insurance for your Renault

Car insurance for your Renault

Compare car insurance for your Renault with Uswitch

Renault cars are recognisable for their chic French design, and the brand is famous for innovation. The company has a strong reputation in motor sports and is well known in the UK for its advertising campaigns. Uswitch can help you get a cheap car insurance quote for your Renault.

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History of Renault

Renault made their first car, the Voiturette, as far back as 1898. It found widespread popularity in the 1960s with the Renault 4 and 8, and has continued to produce compact and popular cars. Once state owned, Renault has now formed an alliance with Nissan and is one of the world’s largest car manufacturers.

Popular Renault models

Uswitch can help you find cheap car insurance quotes for all these models and more:

Renault factfile

  • Renault's biggest seller. Renault's most popular car ever is the Renault Clio. One of Europe's bestselling super minis, the Clio was partly responsible for the company’s resurgence during the 90s.
  • Renault and motor sport. Renault has a strong history in motor sports and has achieved success in F1 and the Le Mans 24 hr race.

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