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Renault Twingo

Renault Twingo

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The Renault Twingo is a small city car that was originally released in 1993. With an emphasis on fun, the original Renault Twingo was famed for its quirky shape and high-tech dashboard (for its time). After a complete restyle in 2007, the Renault Twingo retains its modern, quirky and fun-filled feel.

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Renault Twingo models

The Renault Twingo 2 replaced the original Renault Twingo and is available in three different trim levels. 2008 saw the release of the Twingo Renaultsport, the fastest Renault Twingo available.

Renault Twingo engines and fuel consumption

With a choice of nippy petrol and diesel engines, the Renault Twingo is an affordable car to run. You can expect anywhere between 40 and 55 miles per gallon depending on model.

  • petrol engines: 1.2L
  • diesel engines: 1.5L

Euro NCAP safety ratings

For a small city car the Renault Twingo has achieved good results in safety tests.

  • adult: 4/5
  • child: N/A
  • pedestrian: 2/4

Renault Twingo facts

  • The Renault Twingo’s name is dance-themed – it’s a mix of the words "twist”, "swing” and "tango”.
  • The original Renault Twingo is a sought-after modern classic in the UK, where it was never officially released.

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