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The latest new cars available in 2018

In the market for a brand-new car? We’ve rounded up some of the latest models to help you choose.

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If you’re looking for a new car for 2018, you’re spoiled for choice with all the new models released recently. We’ve rounded up some of the latest offerings to help you decide on your next set of wheels — whether you’re looking for a compact runaround or a luxury SUV, there’s something for everyone.

And no matter what your upfront budget, don’t forget to compare insurance quotes and consider each car’s insurance group as this can significantly affect the cost of cover over the years.

Each car is assigned an insurance group from 1-50 — the lower the group number, the less it typically costs to insure (dependent on other factors such as your driving history). For more information on insurance groups and a list of some of the cheapest cars to insure, read our guide here. And if you’re looking for cars that are cheap to run, check out our list of fuel-efficient cars.

Latest releases: New cars 2018


Nissan Leaf
New Nissan Leaf

Price: From £21,990 (when purchased with Government Plug-in Car Grant)

The new Nissan Leaf is a significant upgrade to the all-electric model first released in 2011, with an estimated range improvement of 50% as well as all-new styling. It’s available to order now, with deliveries expected from February.

The new Leaf is in insurance group 21, which puts it mid-range in terms of insurance pricing. While the latest model hasn’t yet been tested by Euro NCAP, the previous model performed well and received a 5-star safety rating. It also won in the best electric car category in this year’s What Car? Car of the Year Awards.


Citroen C3 Aircross
New Citroen C3 Aircross

Price: From £13,995

There’s no shortage of small SUVs on the market at the moment, following on from the success of the Nissan Juke and its ilk.

The Citroen C3 Aircross is another new small SUV that should be fairly economical to insure, with some versions starting in insurance group 6.

Hyundai Kona

Price: From £16,195
The Hyundai Kona is a small SUV with models starting in insurance group 9, meaning it should be fairly cheap to insure for a car of its category.

With a 5-star safety rating and mid-range pricing, the Kona looks set to be a rival for other popular small SUVs and crossovers.
Skoda Karoq

Price: From £20,875

The all-new Skoda Karoq is the replacement for the popular Yeti SUV. The Karoq starts in insurance group 9 and is available now.

With an impressive 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating, the Skoda Karoq looks set to become popular as a family car.
Kia Stinger
Kia Stinger

Price: From £30,545

Breaking away from this year’s trend for small SUVs, and for those with a slightly larger budget, is the Kia Stinger.

The Stinger recently won top prize in the What Car? Car of the Year ‘executive car for more than £40,000’ category. It’s available to order now, but is yet to receive an insurance group rating.


SEAT Arona

Price: From £16,430

Starting in insurance group 8, the new SEAT Arona won 2018’s What Car? award in the crowded ‘small SUV of the year’ category.

The SEAT Arona has launched with several different trims and engine configurations available, from the basic SE to the extravagant-sounding ‘Xcellence Lux’.


Mitshubishi Eclipse Cross

Price: From £20,720

Continuing the trend for mid-sized SUVs in 2018, Mitsubishi has just released the all-new Eclipse Cross. It’s towards the middle of the insurance group spectrum, with different versions spanning groups 18-21.

Deliveries to the UK started earlier in January, so expect to see the Eclipse Cross on a road near you soon.


Jaguar E Pace

Price: From £32,600
If you’re looking for a family-sized luxury car for 2018, you might consider Jaguar’s new E-Pace, which recently received a 5-star Euro NCAP safety rating.

Some E Pace trims are surprisingly low on the insurance group scale, starting in group 24 – although the more high-spec versions go up to group 40.


DS7 Crossback

Price: From £27,320

The new Crossback is a slightly more unusual choice from the fairly new DS brand (previously part of Citroen). Limited order books are now open, but you’ll have to wait until February to see the DS7 Crossback on the road.

The DS7 is yet to be assigned an insurance group, but it received a solid 5 stars in recent Euro NCAP safety tests.

Kia Stonic

Price: From £15,485

This is Kia’s second entry on the list, but the Stonic is quite a departure from the Stinger.

It’s an affordable small crossover, with models in low insurance groups from 10-14.

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