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Be Wiser car insurance

Broker Be Wiser offers a wide range of car, van and bike policies.

How good is Be Wiser car insurance?

Defaqto: 1/5 stars

Assessor Defaqto gave Be Wiser’s Learner Driver cover just one star in 2020.

Note: Not all Defaqto products with the same star ratings have the same covers and terms.

TrustPilot rating: 3.9/5 stars

Be Wiser insurance group scored a 3.9 out of five rating from Trustpilot in 2020.

About Be Wiser insurance

The Andover-based company also offers home and travel insurance. Be Wiser says it works with around 30 leading insurance companies to unearth the best deal. 

It claims at least one million UK customers across its insurance services and supplies Black Box cover for younger drivers who have yet to build up their no claims bonus. It has won several staff training awards and in 2016 developed the UK’s first BA insurance degree for the UK financial services sector.

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Value for money?

There’s a solid spread of standard features with most Be Wiser comprehensive car policies including basic RAC breakdown cover, legal protection, a 24/7 free phone claims helpline plus personal injury protection. Their call centres are all UK-based.

If your car is not driveable following a no-fault traffic accident a replacement vehicle is organised, though this is dependent on policy. 

Be Wiser car insurance policies

Be Wiser car insurance offer three choices of cover: 

  • Fully Comprehensive

  • Third Party Fire & Theft 

  • Third Party Only

Yes, Be Wiser offers a discount if you take out cover for multiple cars. It also has black box telematics insurance.

Be Wiser standard car insurance cover

Fully comprehensive cover, depending on the policy, generally includes:

  • Courtesy car if your vehicle needs repair following an accident

  • Basic breakdown roadside cover though you pay extra for more protection

  • Misfuelling cover is standard – though this is for annual policies only

  • Windscreen cover including windscreen replacement plus any damage to your car’s bodywork if damaged

  • Driving in Europe cover: most policies include up to 90 days of cover. You may also be covered to drive in Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and Liechenstein but check first 

  • Personal accident insurance protection is included but check for what is covered, including any limits per accident and whether this includes Europe

  • Motor Legal Protection is offered including representation on your behalf in court if someone take action against you or anyone named on the policy

  • Depending on policy you have online access to your insurance documents

  • Personal belongings up to £150 per incident – again, exact cover will vary so double-check with any policy offered before buying

  • Cover for driving other people’s cars though there may be age stipulations, for example 25 or over

  • Loaned vehicle cover – you’re covered to drive any car loaned to you from a garage for up to seven days while your car is being repaired or undergoing a service or MOT on some policies

Depending on cover there’s hospitalisation cover of £50 per day for up to 100 days. Total and permanent loss of sight in one eye or both is £1,500 while death cover is limited to £2,500 (again individual policies may have different cover). Death or injury must have happened within three months of any accident. The most payable for any accident for one person is £3,000.

Most Be Wiser policies cover the front windscreen or car window plus damage from broken glass to your vehicle’s bodywork. If you don’t wish to use Be Wiser’s own approved glass repairer there is a separate limit of £150 after taking off the excess. A claim should not affect your no claims discount.

Again, depending on policy, you should be covered for the cost of repair or replacement for gadget, bags and keys if they’re accidentally damaged, lost or stolen including cover of up to £2,500 for fraudulent calls made on a stolen mobile phone. You must report any crime to the police within 48 hours as well as get a crime reference number.

These will often – though not with all policies – be replaced up to the value of £150 if they were present in your car at the time of the accident or theft.

Be Wiser additional car insurance cover

Though basic roadside cover is offered by Be Wiser this doesn’t cover you if you’re stranded outside your home. You may want to consider beefing up your protection levels. You may also have to pay extra for onward travel if your car can’t be fixed at the side of the road, for example.

Depending on the product, key cover can be included. Be Wiser’s Aviva product includes replacement car locks if your ignition keys are lost or stolen.

If your car is out of action following a claim a guaranteed replacement car will be available. This may cover you if your car is written off or stolen also – but not always. Check the small print.

This means your no claims discount is protected, even if you’re at fault, though (again) do check: some policies may have a cap on how many times you can claim in any given period, typically five years.

What is Be Wiser car insurance best for?

  • If you want a good standard of basic cover including breakdown, gadget and bag insurance

  • Households with multiple cars – discounts are offered

  • Younger drivers interested in buying Black Box insurance

Complaints data

The Financial Ombudsman Service received 11 car insurance complaints about Be Wiser. To put that in context, 67 firms had 10 or more complaints each and those totalled 4,550 complaints. Nearly 200 firms had fewer than 10 each, sharing just 479 complaints between them.

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