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Provident car insurance

Provident Insurance has over 50 years’ experience providing insurance to UK customers.

How good is Provident car insurance?

Defaqto rating: 5/5 stars

Provident car insurance is rated as five star by Defaqto, an independent financial research company. 

Note: Not all Defaqto products with the same star ratings have the same covers and terms.

Trustpilot rating: 4.6/5 stars

TrustPilot has given Provident a rating of 4.6 out of five based on 1,796 reviews.

Not all ratings or reviews take account of the same policy features – so it is important to check all details of cover. 

About Provident Insurance

Provident started providing car insurance in 1966, and initially the company was known for insuring older cars, second cars and small vans. Today, it provides straightforward car insurance for a range of motorists, from new drivers to those with years of experience.  

Provident Insurance is a trading name of Covéa Insurance. Covéa is one of Europe's leading mutual insurance groups.

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Provident car insurance policies

Provident standard car insurance cover

Provident additional car insurance cover options

What is Provident car insurance best for?

  • If you have younger drivers 

  • If you have older drivers 

  • If you want speedy claims management 

Provident in the news

Covea Insurance, which owns Provident, has been warning motorists of the fake fines being imposed on them by scammers. 

Criminals posing as police or traffic wardens have been targeting elderly drivers. The scam involves a claim by the criminals that the drivers have parked illegally. 

The victims are then encouraged to pay an immediate (but smaller) charge at a nearby meter rather than a larger penalty if they wait. The criminals have already tampered with the meter and they watch the pin being entered. 

The meter fails to return the card to the victim – the scammers take the card when the victim has gone and have both card and pin to use before it is eventually cancelled. 

Claims history

As vehicle technology changes, Provident has seen different types of claims start to be reported. This includes a sharp increase in catalytic converter thefts from hybrid cars. 

Volumes in thefts have spiked due to the increase in raw material costs used in the convertors. They are easily stolen and crime syndicates around the country are targeting specific models to make some quick cash. 

Provident have ensured their cover and team handle these claims on vehicles with newer technology.

Complaints data

The Financial Ombudsman Service received 114 car insurance complaints about Covea, the insurer behind the Provident brand, in the first half of 2020. Covea accounted for about 2.26% of all car insurance complaints but has 3% of the market so gets a smaller proportion of complaints than its size suggests. To put that in context, 67 firms had 10 or more complaints each and those totalled 4,550 complaints. Nearly 200 firms had fewer than 10 each, sharing just 479 complaints between them.

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