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Uswitch Credit Card Awards 2013

Uswitch Credit Card Awards 2013

Find out which credit card providers topped the credit card customer satisfaction tables in this year's survey

The Uswitch Credit Card Awards are presented to the best credit card providers currently on the market in any of our ten categories.

Compare credit cards

Compare all sorts of credit cards from 0% cards to rewards cards.

Compare credit cards

More than 10,000 UK cardholders were surveyed during autumn 2012 to find out which companies had the most satisfied customers.*

From online account management to cashback and rewards, you can see exactly which providers are the cream of the crop - see our tables below for the top three companies in each category.

Can't see your card provider? If you're not with an award winner it might be time to switch your credit card.


Only credit card providers with sample sizes of 100 or more were included in the analysis - this equates to greater than a 1% market share. Positive survey responses added to the score and negative responses subtracted from it, producing a final satisfaction percentage score.

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