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Bad credit rating - How to improve credit rating

Bad credit rating - How to improve credit rating

Got a bad credit rating, or looking to improve credit score?

If you have a bad credit history you need to give your finances a makeover to be in with a chance of passing a credit check and getting your credit applications accepted.

Check your eligibility for credit cards

See if you are likely to get a credit card - it's quick, free, and won't affect your credit score.

Check your eligibility

Your credit report gives you a snap shot of your financial history and will show you what you owe and how well you're managing your repayments, which could help you to identify problem areas.

You can check your credit report online with many different providers and most offer a free trial period. Some credit cards designed for people with bad credit may include this, so it's worth shopping around.

Best credit rating

Our top tips to improve credit score:

1. Identify which debts are costing you most and look for ways to reduce them.

2. Close down any credit accounts you aren't using, register to vote at your current address and correct any errors on your credit report – it could help to improve your rating.

3. If you are really in trouble with debt there are plenty of places you can go for expert help, including the Citizens Advice BureauNational Debtline and StepChange Debt Charity.

4. Sign up for an online credit check (see table) to see what's causing you to have a bad credit report.

A bad credit report could come as a shock, but there are products such as credit builders that aim to improve how your credit rating appears to credit reporting agencies. It's important to stay on top of it and make sure it doesn't get any worse.  Learn more about credit-builder credit cards in our dedicated guide.

•  – What to do Find out what your next steps are if you’ve been refused credit •  – Find out which card is the right match for you

It’s your report

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