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What is a current account and how do I choose?

What is a current account? A current account is a hub for storing your earnings and setting up direct debit payments for bills.

They also provide a variety of ways for you to access your cash – at the nearest branch, over the phone, at a cash machine or online.

Find a great current account

Compare current accounts from different providers and find a bank that works for you.

Compare current accounts

Finding the best current account for you depends on a variety of factors, so it’s best to shop around and compare the current account market.

The easy way to compare

With hundreds of current accounts available, each offering different features, you can now get more for your money.

Competitive interest rates, low interest overdrafts, and preferential offers on loans and saving accounts are just a few of the features available.

Take a look at our current account comparisons to see how the different accounts measure up in one place.

What type of current account do you want?

The best current account matches your circumstances. Current accounts without fees offer all the features you need to manage your money on a day to day basis.

Current accounts with fees offer extra services, such as travel insurance and breakdown cover, for a relatively small fee.

If you’re in higher education or have just graduated, you can get an interest free overdraft with a student or graduate account.

what is a current account?


How would you like to access your account?

If you are short of time, travel frequently or prefer to manage your money via your computer then your best account will offer access to telephone and online accounting.

If you prefer to talk face to face or have access to in-branch banking we have providers that offer a more traditional banking experience with a high street branch.

What features will your best account have?

Current accounts today often come with extra features to attract new customers and keep old customers loyal.

You can choose to search for an account offering a 24/7 customer service line, an overdraft facility, or even text message alerts to keep you updated on your balance.

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Compare current accounts from different providers and find a bank that works for you.

Compare current accounts