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Renters — know your right to switch

There can be confusion amongst renters about their energy switching rights. However, if your name is on your energy bill you have the right to switch energy supplier and save hundreds of pounds — #RightToSwitch

Renting and switching

If you’re a tenant and would like to save on your energy bills then, unless your landlord pays the charges, you can change energy supplier. The fact that you don’t own the property you live in does not affect your rights to switch.

Over 50% of households are still on expensive standard variable tariffs. These can be some of the most expensive tariffs in the market and are often affected by price rises. Switching away from these tariffs could save up to £566*.

tenants moving in

How to switch:

1. Enter your postcode: gas and electricity prices are set regionally, and some suppliers only serve certain areas. This will narrow down which plans and suppliers are available to you.

2. Enter your energy details, selecting the correct meter type: for the most accurate comparison results, you'll also need to input your household's consumption details. You can get those off your most recent energy bill, or you can estimate them by answering questions about your lifestyle (however this may be less accurate).

3. Review your comparison results and pick a new plan.

4. We inform both your old and new supplier of your switch: your new supplier will then contact you within 10-14 days to let you know when you'll start receiving energy from them.

Switching can save up to £566 *

Compare your energy bill and see how much you could save

Compare now
*Between 1 July 2020 and 31 December 2020, at least 10% of people who switched energy supplier for both gas & electricity with Uswitch saved £366 or more.

Uswitch found that...


10% of renters

have had to fork out an average of £102 to pay for energy the previous tenants used


73% of renters

are with a Big Six energy supplier — which can be some of the most expensive suppliers


20% of landlords

wrongly believe they can stop tenants from switching their energy


70% of landlords

don’t provide any information to tenants about energy and switching.