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Know your right to switch

New research indicates high levels of confusion amongst landlords about renters’ rights. Despite the rules in place, more than four in ten (43%) landlords who bar their tenants from switching energy supplier say it’s because the supplier is the choice of the landlord — #RightToSwitch

What we're calling for...

Ofgem guidance says that if you are a tenant who is responsible for paying your energy, you should be able to switch supplier easily and fairly, and that landlords and letting agents cannot unreasonably prevent you from doing so.

We want to help UK renters save money on their energy bills, and make the rules clearer for landlords, by calling for:

  • The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to look at confusing tenancy clauses surrounding tenants and switching
  • The CMA to standardise tenancy agreements, making it clear that tenants who pay for their energy directly have the right to switch energy supplier
  • Landlords and lettings agents to stop using unfair and incorrect energy switching clauses in tenancy agreements
  • Landlords and lettings agents to inform tenants about how to switch supplier and where to find their meter
  • The National Landlords’ Association to include basic training for landlords about helping tenants manage their utility bills as part of its accreditation scheme

View our full research and manifesto

Whether you're a tenant or a landlord, download our factsheets to find out more about your rights around switching supplier:

Tenants switching fact sheet

Landlords switching fact sheet

23% of renters have never switched energy supplier

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"When a tenant pays the bills, their energy supply is not the landlord’s to decide. Arrangements between landlords or letting agents and preferred suppliers are unlikely to result in a good deal for the person who ends up paying. Renters should research what savings they could make by using a different supplier and should not be afraid to switch."

— Dan Wilson Craw, Policy Manager at Generation Rent.

uSwitch found that...


230,000 renters

who have not switched said it was because their tenancy agreement prohibits it



of renters told uSwitch they had not received any information from their landlord or letting agent about how to change supplier.



cited a high turnover of tenants as an excuse for not wanting them to switch energy supplier


36% of landlords

incorrectly believe a 'preferred supplier' clause can stop tenants switching.