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How to get cheap business electricity

How to get cheap business electricity

Savvy customers shop around — and so should savvy businesses looking for cheap business electricity.

Find out how your electricity could be costing you less with Uswitch business energy. Read this guide to learn how to find the cheapest energy tariff for your business and what steps you can take to improve energy efficiency.

Getting cheap business electricity with Uswitch is simple

Simply tell us your typical electricity usage and our business energy team will liaise with suppliers to secure the cheapest deal available. In our guide: Understand your business energy bill and switch to a better deal, we explain everything you need to get started - or simply give UswitchforBusiness a call 0800 188 4930, and speak to a business energy expert.

Uswitchforbusiness caters for businesses of all sizes, from small and medium sized businesses to large companies and multi-site businesses.

Uswitchforbusiness can help you save more than 30% on your business energy bills.

cheap business electricity

The quickest way to secure cheap business electricity

One way to lower energy costs is to use less electricity, but when a constant supply of electricity is vital to the operation of your business. Read the guide to: Compare business electricity prices and switch to a better deal to discover the cheapest commercial energy prices for you business is the only solution.

According to the energy industry watchdog, Consumer Focus, 60% of all energy consumed by businesses is purchased through brokers and agents.

The business energy team at Uswitchforbusiness offer independent advice and expertise to help find cheap business electricity for businesses of all sizes.

Switching for beginners

The business energy team will liaise with their network of suppliers to find the cheapest electricity for your business. The comparison service takes the hassle out of contacting several suppliers and getting a quote from each one.

Will your energy supply be affected when switching to the cheapest business energy?

No. Your energy will still be delivered through the same pipes and cables as before. You can switch to the cheapest business energy provider without worrying about energy outages. No extra work will be required unless you require a new meter.

When your current energy plan comes to an end you'll receive a final bill and a request for a meter reading to ensure it is accurate.

The switch will be handled by your new energy supplier, who will liaise with the old one.

Cheapest business electricity

Nearly all tariffs have two charges: the unit rate and the daily standing charge. Comparing these charges can help you figure out the cheapest rate. Read the guide: Compare business energy prices per kWh.

  • Unit rate: The unit rate is the cost per kWh — essentially the cost of each unit of electricity.
  • Daily standing charge: This is a charge to businesses to help with the maintenance of the National Grid and to cover the cost of delivering power to your business.

Once you understand the two main charges to expect, it's easier comparing business electricity prices. Follow these steps to help you find the cheapest business electricity prices on the market:

  1. The total cost is key
  2. The unit rate might be cheaper with one supplier but what about the standing charges? Compare the overall annual cost of your bill when getting quotes.

  3. Consider future energy usage
  4. If you anticipate your business will be using more electricity usage further into your contract term, a deal with a cheaper unit rate might be better for you even if the standing rate charge isn't the best on the market.

  5. Make a note of your contract expiry
  6. Your contract could rollover if you fail to formally terminate it. The rollover contract will likely be far more expensive than your current electricity tariff.

  7. Take advantage of the renewal window
  8. The renewal window is up to six months before your business energy contract ends, and is the period you're allowed to compare and switch energy deals.

  9. Consider dual fuel tariffs
  10. Many suppliers offer a cheaper deal if you decide to buy electricity and gas from them together. However, this isn't always the case. It's worth getting three separate quotes from each supplier to help you compare.

  11. Fix your contract term for longer
  12. If you think prices will rise, having a longer agreement in place could save you farther down the road. Consider what kind of flexibility your business will need before committing though. See our guide to: variable business energy rates.

  13. Use an energy broker
  14. UswitchforBusiness is a Business Energy Broker and has a deep knowledge of the industry as well as relationships with a wide variety of suppliers, big and small. We can speak to them on your behalf and get back to you with the best quotes for you to choose from. Compare Business Energy Brokers.

Compare business energy bill to find cheap business electricity

How to lower business energy bills

Besides switching to a cheaper plan, another key element in reducing your energy bills is to make some changes to how your business uses gas and electricity and introduce some energy efficiency processes.

  1. Invest in energy efficient equipment
  2. Grade A+ appliances will consume less energy. Laptops use far less energy than desktop computers, so if any of your machines need replacing opt for the energy efficient models.

  3. Energy saving light bulbs
  4. The cost of installing energy efficient lighting has reduced drastically in recent years and is a no-brainer for any business wishing to lower their electricity bills.

  5. Manage energy consumption with a timer
  6. Install timers for the heaters and air-con systems, and even for the lighting and electricity. You can set them to turn everything off when the work day is done and turn back on before it starts again.

  7. Empower staff to engage in energy efficiency
  8. Invite your staff to come up with best practices and solutions to reducing energy costs. Not only will it help lower your electricity usage, it will also promote a work culture that does something positive for the environment.

  9. Look at green energy tariffs
  10. Some renewable tariffs are competitive with the rest of the market when it comes to business electricity rates, but they come with the added bonus of potentially making your business exempt from the Climate Change Levy - a tax on businesses' energy usage.

    Ask your energy broker about the Climate Change Levy and if you'd like them to find you renewable tariffs to compare.

*Based on energy contracts arranged from 01 Jan 2018 to 30 Jun 2018 by UswitchforBusiness, when compared to prices or renewal quotes from existing suppliers.

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