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Smart meter

Smart meter info for renters and landlords

Every home in the UK will be fitted with smart energy meters by 2020 — but what does this mean if you’re a renter or landlord?

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Can I have a smart meter if I’m a renter?

Yes. As long as you are the account holder for the energy bills, you are entitled to ask for a smart meter from your supplier.

Similarly, if your supplier contacts you about installing your new smart meter, you don't need your landlord's permission to authorise this.

However, in both cases, you should give your landlord a head’s up about any work to be performed on the property.

smart meters for renters

Smart meters for landlords

As a landlord, if you pay the energy bills directly for your tenants (e.g., you are the account holder), then you will be the one to confirm the installation of a new smart meter to your property. You are also entitled to request a smart meter from your supplier.

If your tenant pays the bills directly (he or she is the account holder), then the tenant is entitled to accept and authorise a smart meter installation in your property. The tenant will be advised to give you a head’s up so that you’re aware of the works taking place.

Find out more about what happens during the smart meter installation.

Benefits of smart meters for renters and tenants

Tenants and landlords have much to gain from upgrading their energy meters through the smart meter roll out.

  • Accurate bills without submitting meter readings Say "so long" to estimated bills, and only pay exactly what you owe each month. Your smart meter automatically sends your consumption to your supplier so you don’t have to crawl into dark cupboards or tip toe on tall ladders to glimpse your meter anymore.
  • Fewer arguments with flatmatesNo more nasty surprises from a sky-high energy bill. With a smart meter in-home display, you can see exactly what your spend is, and see your energy use is near-real time.
  • Simpler and faster energy switching Switching energy supplier is much easier with a smart meter, due to your consumption figures being so accessible. You may soon be able to switch over in just half an hour.

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Protect your home against rising energy bills

Switch to a fixed rate deal today to secure your energy costs