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Why switch with uSwitch

Compare Energy - Switch and save with uSwitch

Eight great reasons why uSwitch is the only price comparison you'll need - and ways you can save.

Protect your home against rising energy bills

Switch to a fixed rate deal today to secure your energy costs

Imagine how long it would take to get a car insurance quote from every insurer you can think of, calling every gas and electricity supplier for an energy quote, or how much time you'd waste phoning dozens of credit card providers to find the best rate for you. At uSwitch we've done all the hard work, so all that's left is for you to tell us what you're looking for, and choose the deal that fits.

All the facts, all the information, right at your fingertips; clearly laid out to help you make the right decision.

Expert insight that makes choosing easy

uSwitch has nearly a decade of experience in helping you save money - when we launched in 2000, we were one of the UK's first price comparison sites, and today we are helping more people switch than ever before.

Since then our in-house experts have been called-up on a regular basis by news institutions like the BBC, ITVSky and all the major newspapers to give insight on how changes in the economy, government and customer markets will impact you.

They trust our insight and knowledge, all of which is available to you for free at uSwitch - product information, switching guides, opinion articles and news, all there to help you make the right decision as easily as possible and get the best value deal for your gas and electricity.

We make saving money easy

Most of our customers visit us to save money. We all love a good deal and this is exactly what our site can offer you, just plug in your details to get an energy quote, insurance quote, or mobile and broadband quote. Using our service you could start saving on a whole range of products in just a matter of minutes, and the more you save the more of a real difference the savings will make. If you've never switched before we can almost certainly save you a lot of money, and even those who have switched before can save money.

You can switch at the click of a button

You don't save until you switch, so uSwitch is not just about comparing prices and getting energy quotes or insurance quotes, but also switching to the deal you want. With minimum hassle, a great money-saving deal can be yours, and our customer care department is on hand to answer any questions. Best of all we handle the switch process for you, notifying your new and old supplier and sending through your details, so you don't have to worry.

Why switch with uSwitch

We help you find the right deal for you, not for us

We are a free service to use for you. uSwitch makes money by earning a small commission each time you switch to one of our partners using our service. And some providers don't pay us at all. However, when you compare prices we don't let this get in the way of your needs - all our results are presented to reflect only the selections you make. uSwitch not only provides impartial advice, but also shows you the whole energy market including all suppliers, so you know your energy quote is 100% impartial.

We constantly check our data to give you accurate results

Because accuracy is crucial to making sure you find the right deal, our industry experts are constantly working to check that every fact, figure, and piece of information we offer is absolutely accurate. We know that there's little more frustrating than 'hidden costs', so we do everything we can to ensure that the price you see is the price you get. Our prices and tariffs are always up to date, so you know the plans were showing you are available and could save you money.

We always get you the best price we can

To help you save as much money as possible, we make sure that all our suppliers give us the best price they can give, so you won't get it cheaper if you go direct. These suppliers also know that any savvy consumer will compare prices before buying almost anything these days. They can't afford to miss out, so it's in their interest to offer low prices or their deals won't be competitive in our results tables.

We seek out exclusive deals for uSwitch customers

Because our suppliers value the customers we bring them, we do all we can to get exclusive deals for uSwitch customers only. This way, we give you top insurance, finance, communications and utility deals you can't get anywhere else, helping you save even more money. Look out for great package deals, like our broadband bundle deals or dual-fuel gas and electricity plans.

We're campaigning for a better market - for you

At uSwitch we're working to be the best in our market when it comes to treating customers fairly - never misleading you, and making sure you always get the best service.

We conduct regular research into customer satisfaction with energy suppliers, and look into the impact of regulation or changes. We also research things like the winter fuel payment, to ensure its reaching those in need.

We're also accredited by Ofgem's Confidence Code, and our website is secured by VeriSign.

Our services

Although were primarily known as an energy comparison service, we offer a great switching service for most things in and around the home. With uSwitch, you can find great deals on a range of services including

So what are you waiting for? Compare your utilities today and save hundreds of pounds on your bills so you can spend more on the things you want. If you've never switched before you are in all likelihood throwing hundreds of pounds down the drain. It's time to take control of your finances.

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Protect your home against rising energy bills

Switch to a fixed rate deal today to secure your energy costs