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Why switch with uSwitch

7 reasons to switch with uSwitch

Seven great reasons why uSwitch should be your energy switching comparison service of choice.

Why pay more for the same energy?

Find and switch to a better energy deal in minutes

Expert insight that makes choosing easy

uSwitch has nearly a decade of experience in helping consumers save money. When we launched in 2000, we were one of the UK's first price comparison sites, and today we are the #1 website for households switching energy suppliers.

You may even seen some of our energy experts talking about the energy market and fighting for energy consumers rights on BBC, ITVSky and all the major newspapers to give insight on how changes in the economy, government and customer markets will impact you.

These media experts trust our insight and knowledge, all of which is available to you for free at uSwitch - product information, switching guides, opinion articles and news, all there to help you make the right decision as easily as possible and get the best-value deal for your gas and electricity.

#1 We make saving money easy

Most of our customers visit us to save money. We all love a good deal, and this is exactly what our site can offer you. Just plug in your details to get an energy quote (or insurance, mobile, credit card, mortgage or broadband quote). Using our service you could start saving on a whole range of products in just a matter of minutes, and the more you save the more of a real difference the savings will make.

#2 uSwitch isn't just for comparing

Our name says it all — unlike our competitors, you don't just compare your energy, you can actually switch through our website or call centre. That means we don't send you off to third party sites to finish your switch (or start your comparison all over again). We make it easier than ever to find and switch to the best energy deal for you.

Why switch with uSwitch

#3 It's free

uSwitch is a completely free service. That's possible because we have commercial arrangements in place with energy suppliers. We charge suppliers a fee when we switch customers to them, which means we can provide consumers with a free service.

Our commercial arrangements help us make the switching process as simple as possible for our customers and, in some cases, allow us to negotiate exclusive deals that aren't available anywhere else — including directly from the supplier.

Regardless of commercial agreements, uSwitch is accredited under Ofgem's Confidence Code, a voluntary set of guidelines that ensures we operate in a way that is up to the energy regulator's standards.

#4 Our tech-focussed team mean more accurate and up-to-date results for you

Because accuracy is crucial to making sure you find the right deal, our industry experts are constantly working to check that every fact, figure and piece of information we offer is absolutely accurate. We know that there's little more frustrating than 'hidden costs', so we do everything we can to ensure that the price you see is the price you get, and our deals are updated as soon as we recieve the info from the supplier. Our prices and tariffs are always up to date, so you know the plans were showing you are available and could save you money.

#5 We're Ofgem accredited

uSwitch voluntarily adheres to the Confidence Code, a set of guidelines set by the energy regulator. This is designed to make the switching process easy and accurate, so that consumers can trust the process and feel confident they're getting the best deal for them.

#6 We seek out exclusive deals for uSwitch customers

Because our suppliers value the customers we bring them, we do all we can to get exclusive deals — often the cheapest on the market — for uSwitch customers only. This way, we give you top deals you can't get anywhere else, helping you save even more money.

#7 We're campaigning for a better market - for you

At uSwitch we're working to be the best in our market when it comes to treating customers fairly.

We conduct regular research into customer satisfaction with energy suppliers, and look into the impact of regulation or changes.

We're not just an energy switching service

Although were primarily known as an energy comparison service, we offer a great switching service for most things in and around the home. With uSwitch, you can find great deals on a range of services including

So what are you waiting for? Compare your utilities today and save hundreds of pounds on your bills so you can spend more on the things you want. If you've never switched before you are in all likelihood throwing hundreds of pounds down the drain. It's time to take control of your finances.

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Why pay more for the same energy?

Find and switch to a better energy deal in minutes