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Being a uSwitch Customer Services Representative

It’s 7am on a Monday morning and the alarm bell rings… and you realise it’s time to go to work. I’m sure for most of you this is the worst time of your week, and you just wish that it was another bank holiday Monday.

Luckily for me, no such thought enters my head.  No, I’m not going mad – I simply have a job that is not just enjoyable, but is very rewarding too.  I’m a Customer Services Representative in the call centre at uSwitch and when I arrive at my desk, I know that I can help people who are finding things hard in these tough economic times. What I also know is that there are massive savings (up to £425) that people can make on their energy bills by switching.

The question I’m asked the most by our customers is: “How difficult is it to switch?”, or:  “It’s probably complicated to switch, isn’t it?”.  Switching your energy company is actually very simple indeed.  What’s more, myself and my friendly colleagues make all the arrangements for you (and did I mention that it’s free?!) You must be patient and wait around four to six weeks, but you do so with the knowledge that you will never be double billed, and you will never lose your energy supply at any time.

Just think, the money you save by switching could come in handy if you need a break or fancy some extra money for a holiday, or if you wish to pay off some of that credit card debt you have accumulated (we can help with that as well because we do credit card comparisons too!)

So why not give us a call?  It’s a freephone number (0800 404 7908), we’re very friendly and I promise you this, if there’s a bargain to be had we will find it for you.

Gareth Lloyd Wretham, uSwitch Customer Services Representative of nearly three years and loving every minute.

P.S. If you like the sound of this, we’re looking for new Customer Services Representatives to join our team – find out more about careers at uSwitch