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British Gas joins forces with AlertMe


Never worry if you've left the iron on again... Image via Wikipedia


News broke today that British Gas has bought a stake worth £5.7million in AlertMe.

AlertMe makes ‘home energy management’ products.  These allow you monitor and control appliances in your home from your smartphone. So for example, you could switch on your heating when you know you’re half an hour away from home, or double-check whether or not you left the iron on – pretty nifty, eh?

But what does this partnership between the two companies mean for us? Well, AlertMe will be delivering its products and services to British Gas customers, and will also be a key partner British Gas’ plans to rollout two million smart meters to its customers by 2012.

Phil Bentley, Managing Director at British Gas, commented:  “We want to make energy saving as easy as possible for our customers. This is why we continue to offer new, smarter ways to help customers take control of their energy usage. AlertMe’s innovative product portfolio is a great addition to British Gas’ current service offering, and will provide our customers with a range of new, easy to use tools to reduce their energy consumption and cut their fuel bills.”

Some of you might have read Ashton’s post about energy monitors or EDDs and how they are becoming a more and more common tool with which energy companies try to tempt new customers.  Some of the products AlertMe provide are a lot more sophisticated than the average energy monitor, so British Gas could well be on to a winner!