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Free solar panels – a special offer from uSwitch and HomeSun

Get free solar panels for your home...yes, really

Get free solar panels for your home…yes, really

A while back, Emma Hughes, editor of Solar Power Portal, wrote a guest post for us on free solar panels.

It was one our most popular posts of the year so far, so we’ve teamed up with HomeSun to offer a free solar power offer.

It can cost from £10,000 upwards to buy and install a solar PV system, but with HomeSun you could get it either for free or for just £500 + £5 per month, depending on where you live.

So if you want to start harnessing the power of the sun, cutting your electricity bills and your carbon footprint, then this could be the deal for you.

Book your free survey today to find out if your home is suitable and you could have your sytem installed in time to beat the worst of those winter energy bills.

To get free solar panels your roof must meet certain criteria:

  • Due south facing
  • The further south and west in the UK the better
  • Unshaded (just 3% shading reduces solar efficiency by 220)
  • More than 30m square of clear roof space

If your home doesn’t match this description, you could still get solar panels for just £500 + £5 per month, if you home meets the following criteria:

  • Southeast to southwest facing
  • The further south and west in the UK the better
  • Unshaded (just 3% of shading can reduce panel efficiency by 220)
  • Around 20m square of clear roof area

(Listed buildings and homes in conservation areas are trickier because of planning regulations.)