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Behind the scenes at uSwitch: our ads

Our new ads are inspired by the news and take just 9 hours to make

Many people still remember the old uSwitch ‘gospel’ ads, featuring Joe and his choir, but our advertising has moved on a lot since then.

In our new ads, there’s no singing or dancing or outrageous characters, instead we’re focussing on what’s going on in the news and how it can affect your finances.  For example, the impact of the government’s Spending Review, or what it will mean for your bills when an energy supplier puts up its prices.

Adverts usually take weeks or even months to film, edit and get approved before they’re ready to hit TV screens – which obviously wouldn’t work if you want to make advert about something that’s going on there and then.

So we worked with Duke and Earl and Starcom MediaVest and cut down the process of making an advert and getting it on TV down to just 9 hours. Yes, 9 hours.

We think this is great – not only are we getting up-to-the-minute money-saving messages out to our customers faster, but we’re saving ourselves money too (we like to lead by example!) Spending hours instead of weeks or months working on these adverts means we spend 88% less than we do on our standard TV adverts.

What do you think of our new adverts? We’re always keen to hear your feedback, so let us know in the comments.

  • Audrey Clark.

    I checked online to see who was the cheapest Energy supplier in my area and it came up with Eon, so I switched from Southern Electric and what happened Eon have now upped their prices. What is the use of Switching.

    • Lauren Pope

      I know it can seem useless when there’s price rises, but it really isn’t! All the major energy companies (bar EDF) have put up their prices, so you’ll still be saving money, one way or another.