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Get the most out of your ISA allowance before the tax year runs out.

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Over one million of us are expected to rush to get our ISA allowance fulfilled before the tax year end in two days time. Stefan Maryniak tells us where to find some of  the best deals.

This year we’ve seen some great action in the ISA arena. Its been a tough year for savers and with the base rate persistently low, record high inflation and new regulations in the personal finance industry,  there wasn’t much hope for this year’s ISA season.

The new regulations surrounding the transferring of ISA’s meant that banks were likely to be fined if unable to transfer your ISA in a timely fashion, or 15 days to be precise.

Industry commentators seemed to suggest that this might prevent banks which know they will be unable to transfer accounts within this period bringing out decent rates. This was really not what the economy ordered.

But, as the ISA deadline nears, we’ve seen some pretty exciting new ISAs on the scene.

Whilst there is still no guarantee that investing in an ISA this year will bring you a return in real terms, we do have the best ISA’s for the last 2 years, and what’s more we also have ISAs that will now track the base rate.

Whilst this doesn’t mean that ISA’s are where all of your hard earned cash should reside, it does mean that any serious saver needs to make sure that they have some money nestled away, keeping warm in a tax free ISA.

If you want to put some money away tax free and have your full allowance available next year, here’s a round up of some of the best ISAs available on the market

Provider, ISA, Rate, Minimum Investment

– RBS, Fixed Rate ISA Issue 06, 3.70%, £1, 000

– Natwest, Fixed Rate ISA Issue 06, 3.70%, £1, 000

– RBS, Fixed Rate ISA Issue 05, 3.20%, £1, 000

– Natwest, Fixed Rate ISA Issue 05, 3.20%, £1, 000

– Nationwide, e-ISA, 3.10%, £1.00

– Halifax, ISA Direct Reward, 3.00%, £1.00

– RBS, Fixed Rate ISA Issue 04, 2.64%, £1,000

– Natwest, Fixed Rate ISA Issue 04, 2.64%, £1,000