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Energy Saving Week: get started with our 5 energy saving tips

Helen Cripps tells us the top energy-saving tips!


Energy saving even has its week! And it starts today. So here’s 5 energy-saving tips to get you started…

Get solar panels finance free! And yes they will work in the not so sunny UK. You can save 22% (around £130) on your electricity bills. Solar solutions are tailored to the individual, so it’s worth looking into what might work for you.

Get plenty of  insulation in your home.  You’ve paid for that heat, so keep it in! Insulation comes in all forms, loft, floor, cavity wall, doors, windows, you name it.

Get a smart-meter.  This will ensure your reading is accurate and pass that information directly to the supplier. And you don’t have to faff with taking the reading yourself.

Switch to a cheaper energy supplier.  It takes no time at all to browse a table of results and check you are with the best supplier for your postcode and usage. And if you decide to switch, it only takes on average 17 minutes.

Consider a new boiler. It might seem drastic, but it could save you £168 per year, and there are a number of different payment plans. We’ve weighed up the pros and cons in our boiler guide.

After more tips and advice? Check out these 5 useful links…

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Energy-saving products: Browse a few gadgets and monitors to help you along your way.
Central heating systems: A comprehensive guide to all the different central heating systems available.
Boiler problems : Just a little checklist to help you make sure your boiler is working efficiently and not using more gas than it should be.

Instead of just stating the obvious, ‘use less’, we’ve tried to cover some of the more functional changes you can make in the form of  energy-saving solutions. Happy saving!