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The Energy Bill Revolution Begins

This week the Energy Bill Revolution began.

A revolution to provide warm homes and lower energy bills for all.

It is an alliance campaign calling on the government to recycle carbon tax back to households to make their homes super energy efficient.

Carbon tax

Carbon tax is a tax on big polluters for the damage their carbon pollution will cause.

Our research reveals that the government will raise a staggering £64 billion in carbon tax revenue over the next 15 years. That is an average of £4 billion a year.

If this tax was recycled by the government into household energy efficiency schemes, the impact would be revolutionary.

  • It could provide enough money to super insulate 600,000 homes a year.
  • For the fuel poor it could provide each home with an average grant of £6,500 for measures such as draught proofing, double glazing, floor and wall insulation. A typical semi detached fuel poor home could get a grant of £9,000.
  • This would be enough to drive down their energy bill by £310 a year and over the next 15 years could pull 9 out of 10 homes out of fuel poverty.

Over time every home in the UK could be super insulated with carbon tax revenue to the standard of a new built home today.

We estimate that there are now 6.4 million homes in fuel poverty across the UK, representing one in four households.  However, if gas prices increase at the rate the government expect, the number of households in fuel poverty could increase to 9.1 million, affecting 1 in 3 households.

The government must act

It is absolutely vital that the government acts to ensure the big energy companies offer a fair deal to their customers. This is a critical part of the solution.

But it must be complimented by action to end energy waste by investing in a massively ramped up programme of energy efficiency.  This campaign is all about finding the money to make that possible.

A petition has been launched this week at to raise public and parliamentary support for the campaign.

The campaign petition is already backed by over 60 leading charities, unions, consumer groups and businesses, including uSwitch, Save the Children, National Pensioners’ Convention, Consumer Focus, The Co-operative Group, Friends of the Earth and Macmillan Cancer Support.

More people die every year in the UK from living in a cold home than die on our roads.

Millions more struggle to make ends meet in the face of high energy bills. Recycling carbon tax revenue to make homes super energy efficient is the fairest and most permanent financial solution to end the suffering.

Join the revolution! Sign the Energy Bill Revolution petition.