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Energy campaigns of 2012

What do you support?




The Independent

The Great Expectations Charter

What are they calling for? The Independent have written a ‘Great Expectation Charter’ that highlights the increasing price of energy and includes points under the titles ‘Openness, Fairness and Honesty’. These call for energy suppliers to provide accurate energy comparisons and be more open about the switching process. Here are the key asks:


l Review my tariff annually to check I’m on the their cheapest plan for my energy use;

l Provide information on the lowest price plan they currently offer and conditions attached;

l Create a consistent format for publishing price plans expressed in plain English.


l Use a common standard method of bill estimation if no meter read is available;

l Never make me feel I’ve been treated aggressively, deceitfully or manipulatively;

l Ask me every 12 months if any credit on my account should be repaid.


l Ensure that anyone selling energy supply to me will give me a direct comparison using my actual use;

l Not try to sell me other products when speaking to me about non-sales matters;

l When I switch to them, tell me how to switch away, including any costs.






 The Affordable Energy Campaign

What are they calling for? Which? says it’s calling for clearer energy bills to make comparing gas and electricity easier, and are concerned that the current Ofgem reforms don’t go far enough. They are also challenging the government policies around smart meters, calling for a halt to the national roll-out. They also wants the Green Deal to be put  ‘in the spotlight to make sure that it’s good value for money, and contains good protection for consumers who take up the offer’.

How?: They are asking for consumers to sign the ‘Help us tackle tariffs’ petition.




Environmental campaigners Friends of the Earth

Final Demand Campaign

What are they calling for? An end to the ‘Big 6’ energy supplier’s dominance of the energy industry, and the end to our reliance on imported oil and gas. Instead, they say, we should be ‘generating energy from our wind, waves and sun’.

Friends of the Earth say: Our Final Demand Campaign is calling for a public inquiry into the Big Six energy firms’ power over consumers. We’re stuck with six big companies controlling 99% of household energy – who’ve pushed up our bills by around 11% in the last year. While energy bosses enjoy bumper profits, a quarter of British households struggle to heat their homes.

It’s time for our leaders to stand up to the Big Six and fix our broken energy system. They must listen to the 86% of people who want a public inquiry into the Big Six’s influence. And they should provide real support – in the form of a dedicated feed-in tariff payment – for clean energy produced by local communities, councils and housing associations.

Join Friends of the Earth’s campaign for clean British energy we can all afford:

How?  Friends of the Earth is asking for customers to sign their petition to David Cameron




The Sun

Keep it Down

What are they calling for? The Sun launched the ‘Keep it Down’ campaign against energy price rises since 2011. Fuel poverty is the major driver of this campaign. The Sun sites LSE figures that 2,700 people die due to fuel poverty. In particular they are calling for:

1. All suppliers to commit to no further price rises until August 2012

2. Offer free insulation to all customers until 1 April 2012

3. Free boiler cover for the winter months (Or 3 months Dec – Feb)

4. Pay £120 to any elderly or vulnerable customer on income of less than £16,000 a year

5. If people call up and ask for the cheapest deal, give them the cheapest deal

So, what do you think? Realistic or never going to happen? Fair or harsh? Have your say below.