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British Gas ‘Clear and Simple’

British Gas has restructured its tariff system, withdrawing its current options and replacing them with less complex alternatives.


The supplier has withdrawn four of its tariffs, including its Standard,  Fixed Price 2013, Online Energy, and Energyshare. This coincides with the launch of its Clear and Simple tariff, Online Variable August 2012, Discount Variable August 2012 and Fixed Price May 2014.

It is an attempt to make its tariffs clearer and simpler following widespread criticism that the energy market is too complicated and difficult for customers to understand. Ofgem, the industry regulator, criticised suppliers in recent reviews particularly for having too many tariffs, which made it difficult for customers to understand whether or not they were on the best energy deal.

Last week, Ofgem launched a consultation to endeavour to ensure that all customers will be able to switch energy supplier within a maximum of 3 weeks.

The new British Gas tariffs

Clear & Simple

Launched: 22nd June 2012

 –       The alternative for the standard tariff for all British Gas and Sainsbury’s Energy, with a daily standing charge and single unit rate

–       No end date

–       All customers receive a £15, regardless of their consumption


 Online Variable Aug 2013

Launched: 22nd June 2012

  • The new online tariff for British Gas and Sainsbury’s Energy customers offers a ‘guaranteed 6% discount’ on the ‘Clear & Simple’ tariff rates until 31st August 2013
  • Paperless and Direct Debit
  • A cancellation fee of £30 per fuel (inc VAT) applies if you switch tariffs before 31st August 2013

Discount Variable Aug 2013 

Launched: June 22 2012

  • Discount Variable Aug 2012 will provide British Gas/Sainsbury’s Energy, Discount Variable Aug 2013 provides the customer with a guaranteed 4% discount on the ‘Clear & simple’ tariff rates until 31stAugust 2013
  • Paperless billing and Online Account Management optional
  • A cancellation fee of £30 per fuel (inc VAT) will apply should the customer move off this tariff prior to 31st August 2013

4.     Fixed Price May 2014

Launched: June 22 2012

  • A new tariff from British Gas sold through all channels BG and SE (customers can still manage their account online).
  • Fixed Price May 2014 provides the customer with a 8.8% premium on the new Clear & Simple tariff rates for gas and/or electricity
  • Cancellation fee of £50 per fuel if you switch tariffs before 31st May 2014

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  • Kev

    The very company who invented the two tier bill system. Well done!

  • bhav

    not so good the clear and simple works out more expensive now than the standard
    by about £60 now on standard usage

  • A gemmell

    Just been offered the fixed price 2014 deal from scottish gas to follow on from our current fixed our current fixed price deal which finishes 30th september 2012. now I wonder if we did the correct thing to fix then and if it is the correct thing to take the 2014 deal? anyone help please
    can anyone help please, we are both pensioners.

    • Nicolas Frankcom

      Mr Gemmelll,

      It really depends on your situation. We’d strongly recommend running a comparison through our switching service to see what the best deal is for you ( ScottishPower has some very competitive deals at the moment, but depending on things like how much energy you use, what meter you have, and how you choose to pay, it may not work out cheapest for you. There are also other factors like term-length and exit fees to consider. Just run your comparison, and if you run into any trouble drop us a line!

      Kind regards,

      Nicolas Frankcom

  • David

    This site is very much out of date. New tariffs started Nov 23rd. Are you deliberately deceiving people