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How can we help YOU with your energy bills?

Last year I wrote about my life as a Customer Care Representative and how easy it was for me and my colleagues to help save you money on your utility bills over the phone. Be assured that our commitment to find you a saving either online or by using our free UK based call centre remains as strong as ever.

uSwitch knows that with 27% of the UK nation now living in fuel poverty* and with fuel prices increasing five times the rate of earnings, we must do more to help those who so desperately need our service. If those in need have difficulty coming to us, why not go to them?

In November 2011 uSwitch launched a free (we are always free) service called Community Events. Over the last seven months uSwitch has worked with different housing associations, charities, faith-based groups and academic institutions and saved their members/residents thousands of pounds.

During these events our experienced, friendly and committed team will show your residents/members just how easy it is to save money on your household bills, equipped with the knowledge to help them with any questions they may have.

At the beginning I must confess to getting nervous before standing in front of a large audience and all those tricky questions you get at the end. However knowing just how much financial relief our events can bring is enough to keep me going. What really makes it worthwhile is when people tell me: “thank you, because without attending the event we would never of been able to afford our fuel bills”.

What really helps people is our free advice leaflets, which provide really helpful information on not just comparing energy bills, but on broadband, phone, insurance and importantly by being energy efficient. When saving money by being with the best energy supplier (our service is impartial and accredited by Consumer Focus so you know that will be true when using our service), it is important that your home is as energy efficient as possible.

uSwitch have an Energy Shop service selling energy-saving products that can offer cheap and effective energy-saving devices to meet your every need. In fact why pay for energy at all? We can assist you with free solar power installation (subject to availability and conditions) on your home, in addition you may qualify for both wall and loft insulation.

Whilst our office is based in North London our Community Events project works all across Britain (so getting up at the early hours of the morning is nothing new to me) and, given that I truly enjoy travelling, visiting new places and helping new people, it would be great to hear from you.

Gareth Lloyd Wretham

Community Events Co-Ordinator

You can contact the call center on

0800 404 7918

for advice on switching energy and managing your household bills.

* BERR previously estimated that for every 1% increase in gas and electricity bills, a further 40,000 households are plunged into fuel poverty. The research in point 1 above showed that 6.3 million or 24% of all households could be classed as fuel poor. The subsequent 14.2% increase in energy prices will have added almost 600,000 more households taking the total number in fuel poverty to 6.9 million.