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Warm Front scheme makes millions available to UK homes

Are you missing out on government cash?

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The criteria for receiving the Warm Front grant will be made easier as the government tries to avoid a repeat of last year’s under spend fiasco. Here’s how can get your hands on up to £6,000.

The Warm Home Front has eased the criteria by which households can apply to have energy efficiency measures, such as insulation, installed.

There is up to £3,500 per household available, or up to £6,000 if you’re not connected to the gas network.

In 2011-2012, the government underspent on the scheme, leaving a staggering £50.6 million unused – less than two thirds of the 145 million that was allocated to a scheme. It is now making efforts to ensure that more of the money goes to fuel poor households this year.

One way of doing this is for the government to ease its Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) –  DECC’s methodology for assessing the energy and environmental performance of your home, to include more properties.

What is the Warm Front?

Warm Front is the government’s main grant-funded programme for tackling fuel poverty in England to help pay for energy efficiency measures including:

– loft insulation,

– draught-proofing,

– cavity wall insulation,

– fitting central heating,

– fitting gas room heaters with thermostat controls,

– hot water tank insulation,

– converting a solid fuel open fire to a glass front fire.

Previously you had to receive certain income-related benefits, live in a home without working heating, or live somewhere that is poorly insulated.

How to apply:

apply online for Warm Front

– email

– call  0800 316 2805 (or textphone  0800 072 0156). Lines are open Monday – Friday 8.00am – 6.00pm and Saturday 9.00am – 5.00pm.

– download an application and send it to Eaga, Freepost NEA12054, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1BR.

What happens when your home is insulated?

Thinking about insulation but not sure how its done, how long it takes? This video is only a few minutes long, but shows you what happens when you have your home insulated:

Learn more:

Find out more about energy efficiency grants 

  • Matta

    They are not answering the phone.

  • shawban


  • maya robert

    Devastated that I did not know read your article about this grant scheme before now as you state that eligibility to receive a grant had eased up alittle. Someone told me about the scheme in December 2012, I hadn’t heard of it.
    I couldn’t understand then and I still don’t understand why when the Job Centre Plus offices, the council housing benefits office, the council tax benefit offices and ALL of the government benefit offices are fully AWARE of those of us in need and DON’T tell us that we can get help??????
    It makes no sense to me?! I downloaded the Carillion application form in December to read that I was not eligible to apply for the grant as my son left college in June 2012. Although neither of us are in employment, we have less than the allowed annual income AND we have NO central heating in our home, I was not eligible for a grant as my son was no longer in full time education???
    Now reading your article I wish that I had pursued the matter but it is now too late as I’ve seen that applications to apply for a grant ended on Saturday 19th January, just one week ago! Tragic as I am sitting here shivering, covered in goosebumps with icicles for fingers…..
    Is there anyone I can send an appeal to?????? Thanks.
    Lorraine, shivering in Shepperton, Surrey.