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British Gas to raise their prices, claims Evening Standard

British Gas to raise their prices. Panic stations?

UPDATE: The BBC has reported that it understands that British Gas may announce a price rise of 8% on Friday.

British Gas to raise their prices claims the Evening Standard – but how true are these rumours and what’s going to happen to our energy prices?

In case you weren’t already worried about energy price rises, the Evening Standard claimed today that British Gas might be raising its prices by £100 on average.

The news comes as SSE prepares to implement its own price rise which will take effect on Monday – raising its customers prices by 9% on gas and 9% on electricity on average.

However, as we’ve reported extensively on the uSwitch blog these claims are still simply speculation, and with no confirmation as of yet households can only wait to see what will happen to UK energy prices this winter.

What the experts say

Commenting on the reports Jo Ganly of uSwitch said: “This further speculation will add fuel to the fire that consumers will be seeing a general hike in energy prices this winter. At the moment, the only supplier to actually announce is SSE – its 9% or £119 hike comes into effect next Monday (15th October).  E.ON has announced a price freeze for the remainder of the year, but all the other suppliers are keeping their cards close to their chests.

“If this speculation is indeed true then it will send consumers reeling – it would be the death knell for any hopes that suppliers would be holding off from price rises until after winter. Consumers will be bitterly disappointed – the pressure of an extra £100 or so on energy bills will leave many buckling and forced to face another winter where they are scared to turn on the heating for fear of the cost.

“Consumers cannot afford to sit back. There’s £300 difference between the cheapest and most expensive energy tariffs on the market – this is like shaving a quarter off your annual bill. Some of the most competitive plans are also fixed price and don’t carry an exit penalty, so there really is no reason not to fix.

“By fixing you can protect yourself from price hikes over the next couple of winters, but be free to move on should a better deal come onto the market. Given today’s news, I suspect that many households will want this pricing certainty in what’s increasingly looking like a very uncertain world.”

Fixed energy?

Fixed plans offer you the option of fixing the rates you pay for a given period of time, anywhere from one to four years. The plans tend to be slightly more expensive than their variable competitors, but that could all change if prices go up.

However fixing has another cost – cancellation fees. Some plans charge you a small amount – typically £30 per fuel – if you want to leave early.

So you know what fixed price energy tariffs are, but what’s currently out there? Below is a table of fixed plans currently available on the uSwitch site, with the date the plan is fixed to and any cancellation fees.

Average bill size will give you an indication of the average cost of the plans currently available, but this will vary according to how much energy you use and the size of your property. These figures are based on a medium user profile consuming 3,300 kWh of electricity and 16,500 kWh of gas a year paying by monthly direct debit (averaged across all regions).


Plan Name

Date prices are fixed to

Average Bill Size (£)

Additional Info

First Utility

iSave Fixed v4



An early termination fee will apply at £30 per fuel

OVO Energy

New Energy Fixed

12 months from going live


Cancellation fee of £60 if you leave before 12 months


Age UK Energy Fixed 1 Year**

1 year from sign-up


No cancellation fee

OVO Energy

Green Energy Fixed

12 months from going live


Cancellation fee of £60 will apply if you leave before 12 months


Online Fixed Price Energy April 2014



No cancellation fee

EDF Energy

Blue +Price Promise May 2014



No cancellation fee


E.ON Energy Fixed 1 Year**

1 year from sign-up


£5 Per Fuel Cancellation fee


Go-Fix January 2014



£30 cancellation fee per fuel if cancelled before end date.


Fixed Price Energy November 2014



cancellation charges of £30.64 for electricity and £20.42 for gas,


Winter Fix



£20 cancellation fee per fuel if cancelled before end date.


M&S Energy Fixed Price 2



Cancellation fee of £50 if cancelled before end date


E.ON Energy Fixed 2 Year**

2 years from sign-up


£10 Per Fuel Cancellation fee

British Gas

Fixed Price May 2014



£50 per fuel cancellation fee per

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So who’s ACTUALLY upped their prices then? See our energy price changes table